UPDATED: 10 of My Favorite Sheet Masks to Shop That Are All Cruelty-Free

Sheet Masks As Self-Care

Duh, we have all noticed by now that sheet masks are one of millennials' favorite ways to spend self-care Sunday. They're everywhere right now. Made from different materials that range from soaked cotton, to hydrogel, to coconut bioferment, these ultra-absorbent masks are soaked in skin-nourishing serums to give glowing results.

Taking the time for even 10 minutes of me-time is critical for maintaining a healthy work-life balance. No matter what self-care activity you choose, giving your brain a mini-vacation from stress will pay off over the long-term. Sheet masks have become an easy, individually-packaged "Self-Care Sunday Savior" for many of you to turn to in the name of wellness and stress-reduction, myself included.

I won't lie — I personally prefer using a mask from a jar, but only because I get weird about the feeling of a cold, slimy mask sitting on my face at first. (That's just me — my boyfriend absolutely loves it!) But there are still times when I'll rely on a sheet mask for the convenience of an individually packaged product for on-the-go glow. I am very particular and picky about which sheet masks I'll use! See below for deets.

Of the many I've tried, the ones below stand out:

(1) For a dose of vitamin C...

Vitabrid C12 Dual Masks: Age Defying and Firming ($35 for 5)

This is a luxury K-beauty brand that you can buy at Barney's. They specialize in an extra potent form of vitamin C used throughout the line. I also use their Vitamin C12 Face Brightening Powder ($60) as a booster, sprinkling some on top of my SPF, moisturizer, or serum for some antioxidant glow. The antioxidant is a top pick among dermatologists who hail its pollution- protective, free radical-fighting benefits.

P.S. I learned from Dr. Neal Schultz of BeautyRX that the form of vitamin C you want is not water-soluble ascorbic acid but the deeply-penetrating, lipid-soluble tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate (TCA), like you'll find in Sunday Riley C.E.O. ($85).

(2) For exfoliating glow...

Peach & Lily Original Glow Sheet Mask ($79 for 20)

I became a P&L believer after getting a facial from the line's goddess-like founder, Alicia Yoon. It's clean K-Beauty with a stacked lineup of skin-loving ingredients: anti-aging peptides, anti-inflammatory turmeric, brightening tremella mushroom, exfoliating AHA, and plenty of plumping hyaluronic acid. You gotta love that the packaging is 100% Wes Anderson-chic.

(3) For extra pampering...

Joanna Vargas Euphoria Face Mask ($75 for 5)

When my face is extra-sensitive or experiencing an awful reaction, this is a soothing, anti-redness mask from the celebrity-beloved line.

(4) For Green Relief...

Orgaid Organic Sheet Mask ($22)

This organic mask has got some great antioxidant sources in it and made Tom's skin incredibly soft. It's also green!

(5) For Soothing Relief...

Doctor Babor Hydro RX 3D Hydro Gel Eye Pads ($29 for 4)

Putting these in the freezer is the best rehab for tired lids. I like this brand.

(6) For LED-Powered Extra Absorption...

ABI Dermaceuticals Bio-Active Mask Super Antioxidant Mask with Matcha Green Tea ($ )

I adore LED-powered treatments. I received a Topical Light Infusion treatment with LightWave's new technology at celebrity esthetician Gina Mari's spa in Beverly Hills. I walked away with serious glow. The technology allows the molecules of skincare ingredients to penetrate deeper into the dermis, bypassing the usual 500 Dalton rule. *I have to check with the rep for the price!

(7 + 8) If you love watermelon...


Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Jelly Sheet Mask ($8)//Purlisse Watermelon Energizing Sheet Mask ($36)

Both of these were very buzzy this past summer. Glow Recipe is a clean K-Beauty retailer whose founders I have interviewed for Brit + Co. Purlisse is known for their exfoliating, Blue Lotus mask, but just launched this hydrating sheet mask this past summer. The Easter wisdom-infused line also makes the best BB Tinted Moisture Cream SPF 30 ($35) I have ever tried.

(9) For Eye Brightening...

Karuna Renewal+ Eye Mask ($36 for 4)

These are the preferred masks of celebrity makeup artists and the red algae boasts anti-pollution effects. I love the clean, natural ingredients.

(10) For Dark Circle Relief...

Peace Out Puffy Under-Eye Patches ($25 for 6)

These are truly some of the best dark circle brighteners.

What are your favorite sheet masks? Tell me on Instagram!

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