Fashion-Lovers Must See YSL's Pop-Up Paris Exhibit, Open Until September 2018

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As if I needed another reason to obsess over moving to Paris (or how badly I want a YSL clutch), Harper's Bazaar revealed that the time-limited, inaugural exhibit of the Musée Yves Saint Laurent launched in Paris in 2017.

Housed in the Pierre Bergé Fondation, which was once the eponymous fashion house's actual studio space, the pop-up exhibit walks us through the evolution of the legendary French designer's aesthetic development throughout his body of work.

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In the words of the designer's patron and partner, Pierre Bergé states: "Pour l'historien, le conservateur, l'archiviste, le créateur, le professionnel ou le passionné de mode, ce patrimoine s'ouvre a eux pour enrichir leur connaissance a cet art nouveau du XXème siècle, la haute couture." Basically, admirers of all sorts can now learn more about haute couture as an artistic medium and form of cultural expression that thrives to this day.

YSL Exhibit Seattle

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The presentation of Saint Laurent's oeuvre begins with his pioneering ventures into masculine-meets-feminine designs. According to WWD, this includes Le Smoking tuxedo, a classic trench, and a Saharienne jacket, as well as garments from his first two collections beginning in 1962. Not to mention, you'll get to glimpse the beginning sketches of some of his works.

As you walk through the various rooms, the exhibit shows the label's evolution over time. You'll catch the beginning glimpses of the icon's various influences, with origins both near and far. From flapper-esque adornments, to exotic aesthetics from Morocco, we're graced with an illuminating look inside one of fashion's most influential minds. Each display is like an interactive snapshots into another eras, as you literally walk through a timeline of sartorial treasures.

The display will be open to the public until September 9, 2018... Now that 2018 is officially just around the corner, it's definitely time to start planning our next trip to Paris.

In addition to putting YSL's oeuvre on display, the space is adorned with artwork admired by culture-junkies worldwide. For instance, Andy Warhol's portrait of Saint Laurent himself is a total gem.

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As a lifelong francophile — I went to a French immersion school called Ecole Bilingue as a child — this is one part of Frenchie-culture that I refuse to miss out on. Plus, it's been over a year since we were last there! In order to live there one day, taking as many trips as possible in the meantime = a big yes.

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...That being said, the photos of the exhibit's space in Marakkesh — a destination that served as inspiration for the designer — look pretty amazing. Maybe we'll head there in the future.

Get your tickets for the exhibit here and if you need booking assistance, I know just the travel agency to help!

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Skincare? yes, please.

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