CALIA by Carrie Underwood Makes Working Out Easy (And Cute)


If you haven't heard of CALIA by Carrie Underwood, it's probably because it's exclusively sold at Dick's Sporting Goods. I say this because the line is way too cute and functional not to blow-up if only it were to become more readily accessible — especially with Carrie Underwood as their spokesperson.

I know this because their sweet PR rep recently sent me over a few goodies from the line to try out. Ever since athleisure items became street-style staples (as modeled by Kendall Jenner in my article on her go-to looks), I've become aware of the multitude of athletic clothing lines featuring gym-meets-street garments. I wrote about the rising trend on Brit + Co. as well, discovering a number of companies that help us make wellness part of our every day routines more easily.

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More and more frequently, our generation is discovering the conflicts that arise between a wellness-first mentality in a career-first environment. And trying to fit the gym into busy schedules is the ultimate damper to any New Year's fitness resolutions. But in reality, it's so essential. Take it from me — I skipped yoga this entire week and faced an emotional apocalypse on the full moon.

Self-care, wellness, and the ability to function go hand-in-hand, which is where the beauty of athleisure-inspired fashion comes in. By creating activewear that looks street-chic, they're affording you the convenience of hitting the gym on the fly. Some companies even emphasize that the luxe aspects of their clothing lines allows you to incorporate activity into your daily lifestyle, and to bring comfort back into the presentable wardrobe. The fashion trend has flourished alongside the wellness movement, hinting at the pervasive stress and exhaustion rampant in our society... But mostly, it's legitimately hard to make time for regular work-outs.

Not to mention, part of the appeal comes from just how comfortable our athletic garb can be. I grab yoga pants over jeans (except this one pair by Joe's) for everything from lounging and errands to naps. That's where CALIA by Carrie comes in — because of every line of athletic clothes I've worn, the comfort of the pants is second-to-none.

I'll be honest — I'm obsessed with the CALIA by Carrie Underwood Women's Printed Color Blocked Leggings ($56, orig. $75) and even wore them to yoga today. They're cute and I've received a number of compliments on them. While I almost never stray from all-black leggings, I like the way this pair contours perfectly to your body. They're great for yoga because they're designed to give in all the right places, while supporting you and keeping it all tucked in.

CALIA by Carrie Underwood 7/8 Criss Cross Leggings ($45, orig. $75) + the sold-out Women's Extended Heel Leggings are also top-rated and cute ways to change-up the everyday all-black Essential Legging ($65).

Of the other cute samples I received, the CALIA Women's Effortless Dipdye Hoodie ($37, orig $65) is super soft and a longer length that works great with tights. I'm also wearing a top from the line right now — it has a cool white-on-white design with an inspirational quote that I'm all about: "Stay Patient & Trust Your Journey." (It's basically my mantra since becoming a writer. See above.)

The line is about to launch its new Spring collection, too. My favorite item is a black-and-white fedora, but it includes swimwear, backpacks, and Spring Break-essentials. I still want to try Alo Yoga's leggings next (and their PVC Yoga Mat is on sale at for $22 Saks right now!) but I would definitely shop Carrie's line in the future.

P.S. One of my favorite yoga instructors shared the Top 5 Postures for Happy Hips which you can read here.


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Skincare? yes, please.

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