One Of the Two Fragrances I Always Buy My Boyfriend is on Sale!


A friend recently asked me for a fragrance recommendation for men. I was still so wrapped up in my obsession with The Harmonist that I completely forgot. Yes, I have two go-to colognes that I buy on repeat for my boyfriend. And no, they are not Acqua di Gio, which is essentially the basic bitch scent for dudes.

 (1) Bvlgari Pour Homme ($90) — sold out at Sephora!


(Photo via Instagram)

My dad got Tom this cologne the first time. It is such a favorite he has tried a few variations of it since. I recently noticed Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir ($90 on sale on Amazon for $38), but he has also liked Bvlgari Man ($65 on sale for $27 on Groupon) in the past.

(2) Gucci Guilty Eau Pour Homme ($72) — on sale for $38 at Target!


(Photo via Instagram)

This was the second fragrance I picked out for him that he ended up really taking to. His first bottle was this silver version above, but on the way home from South Africa I grabbed him their gold version. 

He sprays them over his clothes kind of like a body spray, so I try not to even think about the fact that a lot of colognes contain hormone-disruptors, etc. There are a number of green and even non-toxic, unisex eau de toilettes I would really like to check out. 

But, for now, these are two scents that make him smell smoochable.

What are your fav fragrances you like your S.O. to wear? LMK below!

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Skincare? yes, please.

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