Girl Undiscovered: The New Zealand Beauty Brand for the Boho Princess (With Taste).

Behati Prinsloo's shoot for Raw Spirit Fine Fragrances

a New Zealand beauty Brand for the boho princess (With taste).

Girl Undiscovered is the most stylish New Zealand-based indie beauty brand to join the luxury green scene. Sold at top-shelf retailer Neiman Marcus, their branding is both glamorous and whimsical — two things j'adore.

Its earthy-yet-magical vibes remind me of Behati Prinsloo's photoshoot for the socially conscious fragrance line, Raw Spirit, which makes sense since the fragrance was inspired by the Western Australian Desert at sunset. But part of what makes Girl Undiscovered so appealing is the story it hints at — with names like Stumbled Across Paradise, and Under the Waterfall — it speaks to the inner-wanderluster in us all.

While we know Australia is obviously a magical and beautiful place (Miranda Kerr and Nicole Kidman, anyone?), New Zealand is most definitely the good looking cousin equivalent of our Aussie friends. What stands out to me above all else is their ability to cater to a difficult-to-define market — the luxurious hippie — paired with their stunning packaging that gives the Anthropologie home section (so cute) a run for its money.

Crystal-Infused Micellar Water

Pairing eco-conscious glass bottles with rose gold accents — and the actual crystals you will find in their Girl Undiscovered Under the Waterfall Crystal Cleansing Water ($42) — these products would look gorgeous on any vanity. It is also reminder to us all to put the fun back in your beauty regimen, like pretending you were a princess growing up, and really driving the point home that beauty practiced with the right intention is a valid form of self-care.

I have always wanted to try a luxury micellar water and am so smitten with their inclusion of crystal-infused beauty benefits in this gentle cleanser. The crystalline struture of water is actually impacted by the subtle vibrations it is exposed to, like thoughts and words, so I like knowing this product is beneficial — and not harmful — at even the subtle levels. (You can read about Masaru Emoto and his study on the impact of thoughts on water here). 

Hint: The crystals in Under the Waterfall are rose quartz — promoting love for self and others — and citrine — for joy and living in-the-moment. 

A 100% Wild Face Mask

Business in the front, party in the back!

Another thing that stands out about this indie gem of a line is the fact that they are sourced from all-wild ingredients, showing us that a place beyond organic and all-natural exists. This means that they went all the way to Burma to source the Burmese Thanaka ingredient in the exfoliating Stumbled Across Paradise Face Mask ($45), Bali for the cold-pressed Balinese virgin coconut oil, and their own kanuka honey from New Zealand.

In case you were wondering, this exfoliating mask is like wonder-mud for the skin. It is a texturized exfoliant, making it go on like a scrub, but you let it dry and absorb for 15 minutes. If you have time, they suggest splashing some water on your face to loosen it up, massaging it around, and then leaving it on for another 10-15 minutes for optimum benefits.

The mask ingredients contains a number of skin superfoods:

Thanaka Bark — Brightening, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and even UV-protective. It also contains healing vitamin E.

Kanuka Honey — Soothing (even for eczema), anti-inflammatory, and another great breakout-fighter.

Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil — It basically does it all. Read up on the endless benefits of coconut oil in my Brit + Co. article here

Even Greener Beauty

Similar to the way LOLI Beauty created zero-waste packaging, this demonstrates some next-level environmentalism and a devotion to eco-conscious business practices. If simply being 'all natural' or 'organic' was the first step, this type of devotion to green-living is the next.  

I also love the way the brand and its values align with my new reduced-stress lifestyle and my attempts to incorporate more frequent wellness-oriented practices into my life. I am seriously loving the incorporation of crystal into this line and am about to make it the first step in my ever-changing skincare regimen.

Yesterday, my friend Steff — an extremely talented spiritual conduit — recommended I bring along my own crystals while apartment-hunting in LA. (I have been having a real time with home-hunting.) I popped my citrine crystal and one that came along with my Crafty Cake products into my purse, as well as rose and crystal quartz stones I have had since living in NY.  And yes... we actually found our future home that day.

Back when I was in graduate school and living a more conventional lifestyle, I had no time to devote to my vibrational well-being. These days, I am much more attuned to myself and my own inner-needs, and I feel more receptive to the positive and protective vibes of holistic practices like these, probably because I live and operate at a much lower stress-level than ever before.

Now that I am committed to living a greener lifestyle, and one in which my actions are more subtly and overtly aligned with my values and beliefs, I am 100% head-over-heels with this boho-fabulous line. Girl Undiscovered, I am such a fan! Thanks for keeping mega-babe status both free and wild. 

P.S. I really do love this line. Hence why I included their luxury facial oil in this Brit + Co. post on Chill Bachelorette parties, and why I included their sold-out aligning crystals in my V-day gift guide. <3

Which Girl Undiscovered product(s) do you want to try? Tell me on Instagram!

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