The French-Girl Way to Wear Your White T-Shirt

Anine Bing

Anine Bing  Deep V Neck T Shirt - White ($99)

Hint: It's with a peek of lace showing through.

Adrienne Gaskell is a true-life French-American muse who works with the Parisian lingerie line, Simone Pérèle. One of the most valuable lessons I learned from her — other than the significance of owning a black lace bra — is how necessary bralettes are for making hemlines cuter. The French-girl way to wear your white t-shirt is with a touch of lace peeking through, and it instantly elevates the look to photo-ready cuteness. Similar to the way that nautical stripes make every photo more fun, a hint of white or black lace makes the everyday t-shirt flirty for the day yet surprisingly evening-ready. Can you imagine it with a velvet blazer and pair of dangly earrings? 

Below is the perfectly shaped lace bralette to make your ordinary deep-V tee French-girl chic.

Anine Bing Delicate Lace Bra - Nude ($99)

Anine Bing Bralette

This is the very pairing above. The deep V provides for a longer line for potential lace exposure.

P.S. The accidental reveal is the best.

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