6 Summer Skincare Tips and Products to Swap in Your Regimen

Summer Regimen Changeups

Summer weather means different things depending on where you live. When I was in New York, the summertime brought insane humidity that made it feel like you had taken a shower after stepping foot outside. It also made my hair insanely curly!

I used to walk home from Equinox after showering, literally just a couple blocks away, and by the time I was home, I would have a head of wild curls with crazy volume. During my first summer hair phase in NYC, my BFF Michael told me I looked like I belonged on a beach in Brazil. (Big surprised we ended up besties for life, huh!)

Southern California is more like a desert, with blaring hot sun and serious dryness. When you're by the coast, the dryness is less pronounced, but right now I'm living a bit inland. Interestingly enough, the dry air tends to make my skin more oily. It actually makes sense why; celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau points out that dehydrated skin will over-produce oil to compensate for the dryness. 

Lately, my T-Zone shine has been... too much. Something is off and my regimen needs a reset. I keep getting closed comedones — tiny flesh-colored bumps — that are a sign of too much buildup on my skin. I also think I accidentally ate some gluten, which would explain some of my skin's woes at the moment.

Anyway, the "dewy glow" look is on-trend; unwanted shine is just over-kill. I used to keep my skin under control by getting monthly Hydrafacial treatments, but since becoming a writer, I have actually had to sacrifice my "spa regimen" — there's just no time. (Not to mention, no salary!)

To remedy my skin's reactions to the seasonal changes, here are 5 summer skincare regimen tips.

It's a good time to change things up anyway, especially if you can't hit up your esthetician for a tune-up.

(1) Go for lighter consistency products. I will be setting aside my cleansing oil in favor of gel cleansers, makeup removers, and micellar waters, instead. I am also going to start reaching for powders over some of my liquid blends, and face mists will go into heavy rotation. Below are the cleansers I am most captivated by.

New Luxury Green Launch: Tata Harper Clarifying Cleanser ($68)

A Mommy-Safe Clarifying Gel Cleanser: Basq NYC Anti-Blemish Gel ($18) (Currently using!)

New Luxury Launch I Want To Try: Tatcha The Deep Cleanse ($34) or Tatcha Pore-Perfecting Cleansing Duo ($25)

(2) Discontinue use of retinol and exfoliating acids, or switch to daytime-safe formulas. Some stop using retinol altogether in the summer months, as well as photosensitizing active ingredients like chemical exfoliants. I probably won't; but I'll be sure to wear SPF, plenty of antioxidants, and hats to keep the sun off my face. Switching to a daytime-safe version of retinol — like Verso's Retinol 8 — is on the horizon for me. Since it's pricey, you can try a travel-size starter kit to see if the line steals your heart. It's sold-out at Sephora!

The Daytime-Safe Retinol: Verso Skincare Travel Series, 3 Pcs. ($55)

(3) Hydrate — but keep matte. There are mattifying products you can try as well as actives to consider, like bamboo. Bamboo is an especially great ingredient because its ultra-hydrating, but still mattifying thanks to containing 70% natural silica. It helps prevent your skin from feeling dehydrated and going into oil overproduction.

The "Cult-Favorite:" Erno Laszlo Phelityl Day Lotion with SPF 15 ($95) — This is a luxury, balancing moisturizer for day with green tea, vitamins, and the line's pH-balancing Phelityl complex. Their rep just let me know that they are launching a new, limited edition jumbo-size of their Phelityl night cream.

(4) Increase the use of antioxidants to help repair sun damage. While it is always a good idea to pair an antioxidant like vitamin C with your SPF, you can choose other antioxidant-rich products to supplement. They also make ampoules, or air-tight capsules, containing extra-potent bursts of ingredients that give your skin some serious protection, nourishment, and TLC in little "one-shot wonders."

 An Extra-Dose of Vitamin C: BeautyPie Superactive Capsules Pure Double Vitamin C & E ($65 / $12 for members)

(5) Apply SPF and re-apply every two hours. This includes getting creative with your SPF, finding ways to protect places like your lips — which can't tan — and your hair — which can fade. When I was younger, my hair would fade to blonde. Now that I’m older, it turns red. I’m always trying to prevent fading because I love the way darker hair makes the eyes POP and makes skin look glow-y.

Lip SPF: All Good Lips Coconut SPF 20 ($3.50). This is also reef-safe and green!

Hair Care: Neon Co. Good Hair Shampoo ($22) + Conditioner ($22). This Aussie line contains UVA protection for your locks. I also have their body lotion, which smells amazing!

(6) Post-Sun Care. Other than preventing sunburn, there are ways to help replenish your skin following a long day spent in the sun. Trendy new ampoules and face masks are a great way to grab some fast-acting repair and replenishment. Hydrating gels containing aloe are obviously great for soothing hydration following over-exposure or sun damage (i.e. burning). Tip: If you burn, stay away from oils and balms that will trap heat in!

Super-Potent Ampoules: Babor After Sun Repair Ampoule Concentrates ($40). I just received a package of these in the mail and I cannot wait to try them!

Post-Sun Face Mask: Honua Skincare Moana Mask ($38). I am crazy about this algae-packed mask from Hawaii. It is so nourishing and soothing for the skin of the face. I woke up from an accidental nap CRAVING the green, guacamole-lookalike. This bb is not just for Disney-lovers! 

What are your summer skincare favorites? Tell me in the comments below!

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