Crystals: Nature's Sparkling Healers at the Physical and Subtle Levels

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 Glacce is one of many luxury spiritual brands to pop up.

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I have had a ton of fun learning about the emerging market for spiritual beauty brands. Among their favorite healers? Crystals. Whether or not you believe in their subtle healing powers and the esoteric belief that they channel divine energy doesn't matter. Even if you're a skeptic, you can still derive their physical benefits in a number of skincare products. Even Kim Kardashian West's dermatologist, Dr. Harold Lancer, uses crystals in his line's polish, a physical exfoliator and the first step of his patented skincare method.

I have never been a die-hard believer in crystals, but I've also never been opposed to them. I'll carry them around, keep them in my apartment, and have even placed them outside to absorb moonlight during a full moon. It's normal to feel slightly skeptical, but I've found that casting aside my own self-judgment lets me partake enthusiastically and even opens my mind to some pretty fun results and joyful experiences.

For example, my friend Steff — who is also a spiritual conduit — told me to carry my crystals with me while apartment hunting in L.A. I was having a hell of a time finding a place because it's a super competitive market! The day that I came to see my current apartment, I popped my citrine crystals in my bag along with some rose quartz and crystal quartz for old time's sake.

Did it help? Maybe. I got the apartment! Even if carrying them just made me feel more confident, that placebo effect is good enough for me. (As a former clinician, I'm telling you that positive thoughts are a good thing; much more so than the self-censoring judgments rooted in doubt.) 

But I'll be frank: the older and more attuned I become, the more open my mind has become to allowing myself to believe in the "magical qualities" of spirituality. The more I align myself with a life path that fits me and is attuned to my wellness, the more fully I am able to embrace — and recognize the benefits — of spiritual practices and surely what some would call "magical thinking" in my life. 

The Beauty + wellness benefits of crystals

I've been getting to write about the infusion of crystals into the world of beauty for Brit + Co. a bunch lately and it's so much fun to learn about! My first crystal beauty product roundup lead to some truly amazing finds; my second, which comes out today, goes a little bit more in depth. 

Part of why I'm fascinated? The market trend of merging wellness and beauty. Now more than ever, our beauty practices have the ability to become legitimate wellness and self-care practices. All it takes is a conscious re-frame of how you look at the act of beautifying rituals. Once this mindset takes hold, you will probably naturally gravitate towards those products that are healthful and truly nourishing for you and maybe even the planet. 

Try this on for size: Think of your beauty regimen in terms of giving back to your body. Conjure up feelings of gratitude for all the hard work your body does without you even being aware, and feel good about the fact that you're partaking in a little TLC to keep it going. When it comes to skincare, remember that you're giving your body's largest organ a treat! I think of it like regular maintenance. 

Skin is like the physical manifestation of your aura — it keeps the bad stuff out, keeps the good stuff in, and is a form of protection between you and the outside world. Just as we tend to our skin with cleansers, serums, moisturizers, and SPF, we spiritual folk can tend to our subtle energy fields, auras, souls — whatever you want to name the intelligent energy that makes up your consciousness — with things like crystal-powered protective mists, sage smudge sticks or sprays, and simply by taking the time to check-in with your inner wisdom, preferably before following your own inner guidance.

Even positive thoughts and feelings are a way of incorporating pro-health outcomes into your life. I won't get into it now, but I've studied the effects of stress on the body a ton, not to mention on mental health. It helps me to remember that my physical body is my unconscious mind, and that the emotional or mental blocks I encounter are actually stored somewhere within my body. When I get chiropractic work done, I actually experience emotional clearing, as the physical tension and stored energy in my body is released physically. Letting the old and inefficient out makes room for what you intentionally create moving forward. (So make it healthy and loving; don’t waste energy on what you don’t want.)

What Crystal Is For You?

If you're wondering which crystal is right for you, I have been told many times to go for the ones that you're drawn to. For me, it was a citrine crystal at the Chakra Shack in Laguna Beach that I felt connected to... and it's sitting on my desk right now! (The only other time I experienced that type of pull to some sort of object was a stone Buddha head I’ve had since living in the East Village in NY — years ago.)

But, if you'd like to choose your crystal based on its intended benefits, that's fine too. I found The Crystal Test on Energy Muse that lets you choose the crystals you're drawn to before showing you their associated benefits. 

These were my results:

Shop A Few Favorite finds Below

If you're interested in trying out a few crystal beauty products (or wellness products), here are a few of the notable finds below. You can also check out my newest B+C post (link to come) for my hand-picked finds.

(1) Glacce Amethyst Bottle ($84): Balance, protection, creativity, passion, intuition, spirituality, and sobriety? What's not to like. Remember to use the code BESTOFTHEBEST for a 10% discount.

 (2) Crafty Cake Holy Cramp Antispasmodic Cramp Balm ($16): This cramp-easing balm is infused with charged moonstone to help manage PMS symptoms. (link coming)

 (3) Apothecary Co. New Moon Manifesting Mist ($28): Yes, I believe in manifesting. The citrine helps to manifest abundance, and the clear quartz cleanses and protects the aura. 

 (4) Crystal Cactus Blue Lotus Aphrodisiac Mist ($48): See? They make crystal concoctions for everything! The nymphaea blue lotus-based remedy was apparently used by queens in ancient times.

(5) Nazan Schnapp Sublime Hydrating Treatment Essence ($89): You can grab whatever you want from this cult-favorite Swiss skincare line and you probably won't be disappointed. It's now available stateside at The Detox Market and comes very highly recommended. I featured it on Brit + Co. 

 (6) The Collection by MC Hair Parfum Self-Love Spritzer ($24): This holistic hair fragrance is also designed to uplift your aura but I'm not 100% sure if it contains crystals... I'll have to ask. I have personally met the founder, Meghan, and she is amazing. She's also gorgeous and has done Chrissy Teigen's hair!

 (7) Tracie Martyn Complexion Savior ($80): This contains malachite for some superior antioxidant protection which helps to mitigate some of the effects of cell oxidation.

(8) Aquarian Soul Amethyst Body Oil ($45): This line has some seriously fun finds to shop. I want them all. 

 (9) Shiva Rose Rose Moon Sea Salts ($65): Let your whole body soak up the beneficial vibes. I am also dying to try her eye cream, the Blue Crystal Eye Cream ($95). It's loaded with some legit anti-aging ingredients and skin-loving actives.

 (10) Therapie by Roques O'Neil Discover Me Life Kit ($60): I really want the Heal Me Life Kit ($72) because it's specifically for addressing adrenal fatigue and low immune function, but the introductory kit above is a cult-favorite providing you with some at-home essentials for unwinding physically, emotionally, and vibrationally!

I wish I could add more — do you have any favorites I left out? Tell me on Instagram!

This post contains affiliate links. Shop them to show me some love — at no cost to you :)


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