Holy Grail Status: The Healing Eye Serum Made From Tibetan Botanicals

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The Eye Serum to Write Home About

My first holy grail discovery was the Sunday Riley vitamin C serum that gave me a taste of what it would be like to have truly flawless skin. After my second time using it, I woke up with a glow so pronounced that my boyfriend asked me if I was wearing makeup. I can safely say that when it comes to my holy grail of beauty products, that is the end-all, be-all goal: A complexion that looks flawless even without wearing makeup.  

That's where my love of skincare comes in. My goal is to find the industry's very best products — the ones with five-star results — but that do so using health-promoting, non-toxic means. 

Enter: Akar Skin Nutrient Boost Eye Serum ($85). 

I discovered this product through a client, but it feels like fate brought us together. It has so many stand-out qualities that it's hard to know where to begin singing it’s praises. I bought it myself rather than asking for a sample — that's how eager I was to get my hands on this fabulous creation by the line's founder, Kate Chen. (BTW — If you ever read this, I would love to interview you one day!)

There is an art to testing a product that is preceded by a whole lotta hype. In truth, it exposes it to even closer scrutiny — and it always comes down to the question: "Does it, or does it not, live up to the hype?"

In this case, it has received over 40,000 4-star+ reviews on Ipsy. Beauty blogger Lauren Erro taught me that when reviews are in the thousands, you know that the company hasn't paid for the reviews. A 4+ star review with that many positives is virtually unheard of! It's as if the entire student body of San Diego State University — which is huge — voted on this product favorably. 

To be truly wow-ed by this eye serum, it needed to be noticeably different than any other eye product I had ever experienced. The verdict? It is different and I am completely impressed.

Note: Photos are not proportionally edited.

The "Vintner's Daughter" For The Eyes

It could be the packaging or the pristine blend of botanicals that the serum contains that reminds me so much of Vintner's Daughter's cult-favorite botanical facial serum. If you don't know, Vintner's Daughter is a Napa, California-based skincare company responsible for a luxury facial oil that changed the beauty world forever. (Seriously — beauty editors swear by it.) The oil blend has an insane amount of hype around it — but by every report, the hype is real. I’ve never met anyone who says it doesn’t live up to it.

I was looking for a more nourishing eye product than the one I had been using by Goldfaden MD. Ever since moving to LA, my face has been very dry and reactive; My eye area was rough in spots and beginning to peel and flake. No matter what I did, it just wouldn't retain moisture! (The roughness in texture indicates barrier-problems which explains the immunity to moisture.)

Worst of all, fine lines and creases — ones I don't even have when my skin isn't parched — began etching themselves on my face. My under-eye area looked faintly creasy up close, and a longer crease was also beginning to form at the edges of my eyes. In my wildest dreams, this would end up being another needle-free treatment for crow's feet!

Using just 1 drop per eye of this lush serum, they genuinely feel more hydrated than any other part of my face.


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The ingredient blend is formulated to:

- Reduce eye puffiness

- Correct dark circles

- Smooth fine lines and wrinkles

- Hydrate

When it goes on, it feels like it's replenishing your moisture barrier. Does it contain ceramides or lipids to repair? I'll honestly have to ask — if so, they're completely natural and derived from botanical sources, because this itty-bitty vial of liquid gold is totally filler-free, chemical-free, synthetic-free, water-free, etc. — and it's amazing!

P.S. Note the superfood ingredients like Goji seed oil — have you ever eaten goji berries? That's how you know this is SUPER-antioxidant packed.

The 'Before' Picture... Hoping those crinkles smooth away soon! 


The backstory is fascinating to me because I can relate in some ways. Just like Stefani Padilla, the founder was pursuing a high-stress career that required long hours and zero regard for her body's physical limitations. After a legitimate health crisis, she changed career paths, began putting her health first, and sought out non-toxic, organic, clean beauty products — only.

Her decision to create the line itself came to her when she visited the Tibetan plateau — the world's 3rd cleanest place from which she later sourced the line's health-promoting ingredients. 

It is so interesting to me that I am encountering so many other women who experienced burn-out, only to find themselves rejuvenated through wellness and beauty. Akar Skin is one of the ethically-evolved, "beyond organic" companies, sourcing its wild ingredients from a place so pure and hard to reach, the ingredients are definitely not contaminated. (In this case, the high altitude mountains in Tibet — I imagine you need a sherpa to get there, but I don't know for sure.)

It was also sourced from a place of significance; a healing destination for the line's founder. In a way, she is bottling up the intention of prioritizing wellness, done at the turning point in her life of prioritizing her health and wellness moving forward. This product could basically be the culmination of the wellness-meets-beauty trend (that I've discovered up to this point). It is the epitome of the eco-luxe niche — clean, non-toxic, natural, and rooted in healing. Plus, that packaging is on point!

So, so, so in love. Tell me your thoughts on Instagram!

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Skincare? yes, please.

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