Alexa Chung X Superga Made the Must-Have Summer Sneaks


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Kate Middleton is often pictured wearing Superga sneakers which is one reason why they're a popular pick. Back in the day, the classics were also spotted on Princess Diana, giving them serious street cred in my book. I've wanted a pair in the past, but always held off because I hadn't yet found my perfect pair...

Now that my favorite fashionista, Alexa Chung, has collaborated with the brand, I think I'm ready to buy. Plus, their Friends & Family Sale is going on on their website right now, so you'll get 25% off with the code <LIKEFAM> through May 10.

(1) MY DREAM PAIR: Superga X Alexa Chung 2295 Cotu ($100). These aren't available on Superga's site, but I did find them on Alexa Chung's!

Try: Alexa Chung X Superga Smooth Operator High Top ($89) in satin, or the Alexa Chung X Superga Plain Jain High Top ($85) in regular canvas.

Superga X AlexaChung

(2) HER FAVORITE PAIR: Superga X Alexa Chung 2294 Cotw ($79)

superga Alexa chung

(3) RUNNER-UP: Alexa Chung X Superga Patent is a Virtue Low Top ($85) in white, or Alexa Chung X Superga Black Patent is a Virtue Low Top ($85).

(4) FOR THE FASHION-OBSESSED: Alexa Chung X Superga White Heavy Tread Heeled Boot ($595). While they're sold out on her site, you can still grab them at retailers like Net-a-Porter. You can spot them on supermodel Lily Aldridge here! I found the photo for this Brit + Co. post on Model Off-Duty style.

Have you tried a pair of Supergas? Tell me below!

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