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Spoiler Alert: My Top5 article on the 5 glow-boosting beauty products that I absolutely swear by went live this morning. That's why I feel compelled to elaborate on one of 2017's biggest beauty trends, which had to do with our complexions.

Beginning with what Victoria Beckham dubbed the "sweaty-sexy" look in her highly-anticipated collab with Estée Lauder, K-Beauty's super-powered brighteners took things to the next level. This year, expectations go beyond clarity and youthfulness. Thanks to Instagram, Snapchat, and a web full of photo filters, modern beauty consumers aim for skin that glows.

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Being a beauty writer means that I get to try out TONS of amazing skincare products and cosmetics. I so enjoy this perk of my job that even when I go overboard — foregoing the "patch test" process that dermatologists recommend, bombarding my skin with products, and causing clogged pores and breakouts — I don't even complain. (That much.)

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I also believe in a holistic approach to life, health, and beauty, which is why my skin-boosting selections impact the body at different levels. My product selections seek to treat the skin from every angle possible — from within, using supplements, as well as without, with products.

The first part of my glow-boosting posts will focus on my favorite complexion brighteners that work their magic from within.

Beauty-Boosting "Nutraceuticals."

Beauty and wellness have merged in a new and exciting way, resulting in supplements formulated specifically for cosmetic purposes. Collagen drinks, probiotics, and supplements for your skin and nails are all the rage RN. But when it comes to treating my skin from the inside out, my tried-and-true beauty-soldiers focus on healing the gut and reducing inflammation, and adding in those essential anti-aging ingredients like collagen and antioxidants. The products below were all chosen with the help and approval of my Naturopathic doctor.

Here are my favorite supplements that are both super healthy and enhance my glow from within.

Rockstar Remedy

1. RxStar Remedy Elixir ($330). Before you freak at the price, know that these detoxing shakes will be your new breakfast — so deduct the price from your grocery budget, if you must. My path to wellness all began with the gut-healing shakes prescribed to me by Dr. Gabrielle Francis AKA The Herban Alchemist.

While I was at Columbia for graduate school, my stress-level was at an all time high and I began seeing Dr. Francis to help me with a chronic health condition I have that was exacerbated by stress. Over the course of letting "food be thy medicine," I began to notice that my hair and nails were thicker, stronger, and healthier than ever before. I always added in organic berries to get a heaping dose of antioxidants, which are amazing age-fighters!

2. Ortho Biotic by Ortho Molecular Products ($34). Probiotics are so essential in my life. I've been taking them since High School and have gone through many different brands and suppliers over the years, and am very picky about which brands to trust. I used to simply take a refrigerated form of Acidophilus powder by adding it to my detox shake, but I currently take these super-powered babies upon the recommendation of Dr. Kelly McCann of The Spring Center in Newport Beach, California.

Probiotics help ease your digestion by restoring balance to the naturally occurring bacteria in our digestive tracts — and even Dr. Lancer, Dermatologist to the Stars, told me that probiotics and gut health are basically two prerequisites for clear, healthy skin. (I'll be posting that illuminating interview about the direct connection between your gut health and your skin later on.)

He recommends all his clients take probiotics (including Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian!), and suggests grabbing refrigerated varieties to ensure that the health-promoting bacteria are alive in the formulas you grab. P.S. If you're curious about his dietary suggestions, he really hates dairy. (It's a notorious source of inflammation!)


3. Skinade - 30 Day Supply ($150). Finally, an official nutraceutical! There are so many exciting new collagen drinks, beauty greens supplements, and vitamins to choose from based on the results you want. You can find them at places like Sephora, Goop, and even Target. (But be selective when it comes to quality; what you put into your body is so important.)

I opted for Skinade after running it by my doctor. The beverage tastes like a cup a juice, but contains the ingredients your body needs to increase cell turnover, restore elasticity to your skin, and to smooth away emerging wrinkles. Celebrities like Sienna Miller and Kristen Bell have both been known to sip on collagen-containing drinks to give their skin extra fullness and hydration. And to be honest, I'd chug one of these drinks everyday if I could for their preventative, anti-aging function.

So, these are the specific supplements I use for my health and for targeted beauty results. I love experimenting and can't wait to explore all that the market has to offer, but I trust and highly vouch for the doctors referenced in this article from personal experience.

Next, I'll be writing about some of my favorite skincare and beauty products to bring you that coveted glow for the new year.

Do you take any beauty-boosting supplements? Let me know!

Skincare? yes, please.

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