The Beuti Sleep Elixir and the Kate Middleton-Effect


The Luxury Vegan Elixir

Beloved by Kate Middleton + Meghan Markle

The Royal-Preferred Beauty Sleep Elixir

Behold the botanical skin-nectar that happens to be HRH Kate Middleton's favorite nighttime oil blend. I am lucky enough to own the clean, green, vegan Beuti Sleep Elixir ($65). It leaves the skin unbelievably silky and boasts some incredible skin-loving benefits.

Right now, I am obsessed with the product's skin barrier-healing effect. Courtesy of antioxidants, omega 3, 5, 6, 7, and 9, Caribbean coral, Australian Softalia, and more, the elixir helps to restores the moisture barrier of the skin. In doing so, your body's largest organ benefits from improved moisture retention, prejuvenation (i.e. wrinkle prevention), and anti-pollution protection. While rich in vitamin A, it is free of retinol, making it safe for daytime use and for both pregnant and nursing mothers.

The only drawback? It's crazy hard to come by and keeps selling out.

I have featured the luxury vegan line on Brit + Co., World of Vegan, and beyond, partly due to the insatiable buzz of the the "Kate Middleton-Effect."As a beauty writer slash journalist, three words — Kate, Middleton, and favorite — all indicate immediate news-worthiness. Now that it's pregnant Meghan Markle's go-to, as well? Game over. Their rep confirmed that she learned of the line from her royal sister-in-law, making the already-scarce skin potion as precious as liquid gold.

Why? Well, the "Kate Middleton Effect"and "Meghan Markle Effect" are well-reported in fashion, wherein the royal consorts' fashion picks immediately sell out. (Do you own a pair of Superga's? If so, you have KM and Princess Diana before her to thank.) This same phenomenon carries over to the world of beauty. One royal seal of approval later, the Sleep Elixir is basically sold out everywhere.

While in London, I spotted it nowhere. I spoke to their rep to get the deets. As of right now, you can get it off their website. Soon, the green-retailer Credo Beauty will have it back in stock. While you wait, you can sign up for a re-stock alert or you can try their Beuti Pomegranate Enzyme Cleanser ($55) (below). I own it, was impressed by the ingredients, but haven't tried it — so if you do, tell me how it is.

My Two Babies from Beuti

Is It A New Cult Favorite? You Be The Judge!

Royal-status might automatically confer cult-favorite status, but I think the UK-line is worth it. What I absolutely love about this 98% organic blend of fourteen botanical oils is how the lipid-rich concoction's moisture-retention properties make it ideal for travel. Well, that and the fact that it's cruelty-free!

If you have ever experienced dryness or flaking that wouldn't go away no matter how many times you applied moisturizer, then you know. This is one of the most frustrating symptoms of moisture-barrier problems. Moisturizing an impaired skin barrier is like pouring water in a sieve.

Furthermore, its anti-inflammatory ingredients make it ideal for everything from treating sunburn to soothing breakouts. I can vouch for its rapid, skin-restoring effects since using it following the 9-hour plane ride from Los Angeles to London. (Come to think of it, I should add it to my Jet Set Beauty article.)

Meanwhile, you probably already know that plane travel is notoriously drying for the skin. Frequent travelers, particularly models, bemoan the skin-ravaging effects of long flights. Icons like Alexa Chung slather on creams like Weleda Skin Food ($12), or the Aussie-favorite Paw Paw Multi-Purpose Balm ($5), all over their faces to quench and protect their dehydrated complexions.

All fun and games until the Sahara-level dryness kicked in.

My flight to London was without a doubt the most drying I have experienced in recent years. My hands felt so parched that they were practically stinging, while various spots on my face — one side of my nose, parts of my forehead, and in my chin area — began to visibly peel. Blemishes that had been on their way to healing appeared inflamed and agitated after the transatlantic flight. Suffice it to say that things were not looking good for me in the skin department.

The second we stepped into our Notting Hill flat, I whipped out the skin-saving essentials I had brought with me on the trip. Before hopping into bed and sleeping away the entire day thanks to jet-lag, I generously slathered the above skin-saviour onto my face. (While I normally apply only 2-3 pumps, my skin needed some serious rehab and I did not hold back.) After applying the oil, I sealed it in with my moisturizer — in some places opting for a clean beauty balm — to ensure my skin drank it all up (and kept it all down).

Upon waking, the flaking was gone. I noticed it soothed, smoothed, and eliminated almost all of the peeling from my post-flight dryness. It also calmed down the blemishes and set them straight back on the healing path. While my skin was not at its very best, the combination of the oil and ultra-repairative sleep (yes, really) worked wonders for my dehydrated complexion.

This oil rehabbed my face post-flight.

Beauty Oils and the Skin Barrier: A Match Made in Heaven?

Tending to your skin barrier is everything. Barrier-compromised skin is more prone to aging, dehydration, moisture loss, and reactivity. Also remember that we need that barrier to keep environmental irritants out to avoid damaging inflammation!

After a conversation with the founder of Peach & Lily, I strongly recommend incorporating beautifying oils into your regimen. Using ingredients like ceramides and fatty acid-derived lipids like the omegas help prevent wrinkles and creasing, while healing and strengthening the body's largest organ.

To help you remember why it is that tending to your skin barrier is so important, think about it this way: Your skin-barrier is the biological protection keeping harmful substances out. It is the skincare equivalent of an emotional or physical boundary that helps you keep harmful, toxic peeps OUT. I am a total dork, but I love boundary setting — it's one of my favorite, most empowering forms of self-care, at all the levels, including skincare.

My favorite eye cream, Orveda Eye Unveiler 422 ($238),

bio-mimetically recreates the skin barrier's function.

Luckily, strengthening our body's natural defenses against environmental aggressors, inflammatory irritants, and pollutants, is as easy as applying the antioxidant-rich superstars in this PM-potion each night, helping to give you an extra anti-aging boost.

Long after the fact, they continue provide benefits by helping you to retain the precious moisture and nutrients it imparts. Selecting a product that is filler-free also minimizes the risk of irritation, and maximizes the potency of nature's healers, sending them straight to your skin cells where they can work their magic. I think of them like multi-vitamins for the skin.

All I can say for sure is that I feel a serious Brit-chick phase in beauty coming on. Between Beuti, Votary, and winners like Pai, my skincare regimen may never be the same again. Would I buy this reasonably priced, ethically-made, skin-loving potion again? Yes — definitely.

What's your favorite facial oil? Tell me on Instagram!

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