Chelsea Wolfe X Rituel de Fille: A Green Indie Beauty Brand Gets Artsy + Creative

Chelsea Wolfe X Rituelle de Fille

The Collaboration: Color Set by Chelsea Wolfe X Rituel de Fille ($62).

Collaborations are hugely profitable business ventures in fashion and beauty. They're usually time-limited, hard to come by, and feature a rising young star like Selena Gomez (X Puma) or Jaclyn Hill. Most importantly, they facilitate the creative interplay between two or more brands, designers, and minds whose talents we might never otherwise be exposed to.

Chelsea Wolfe X Rituelle de Fille

The duo consists of Ash & Amber Eye Soot: Exuviae ($38) — a burgundy offshoot of the metallic and pink eye makeup trends — and Enchanted Lip Sheer: Swarm ($24). The broody color palette comes from the artistic vision of Chelsea Wolfe, whose vibes are dark, otherworldly, and romantic — all of which look très chic. She even includes relevant lyrics, bridging the gap between makeup artistry and the creative arts themselves.

(Photos via Instagram)

P.S. This is also my first attempt at using affiliate links, but I'm not sure if it worked!

What are your favorite indie beauty brands? I'm on the look-out.

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Skincare? yes, please.

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