DIY The Nude Nails Worn By Stella McCartney's Models at her Pre-Fall 18 Show.

Stella McCartney Cote

On January 16th, Stella McCartney's Pre-Fall 18 Show took place in LA, providing fashion's elite few a glimpse of the season's upcoming looks. Something you might not know about Stella, but that will make you like her more, is the fact that she's one of the fashion industry's first 'sustainable luxury' designers.

What does it mean to be a sustainable luxury designer? Well, as befits the daughter of ex-Beatle Paul McCartney — a famous vegan — the eco-conscious entrepreneur reduced her company's carbon footprint by boycotting the meat industry altogether.

Stella McCartney

(Photo via Hamptons Magazine)

Stella's industry-leading decision has lead to the development of man-made alternatives to leather, fur, and skins that are indistinguishable from the real thing. (Trust me — I splurged on a smooth 'leather' handbag with silver chain trim and it was so worth it.) Ethical considerations aside, she explains her rationale behind her animal-friendly business practices as stemming from the damning findings on climate change published by IGO's, including the UN, and NGO's alike.

Refinery 29 quotes Stella as saying: "We use vegetable coatings and materials and we are really pushing boundaries in a sustainable manner without sacrificing style in any way. Half of the women here... probably don't even know the bags aren't leather, and I find that very exciting."

In case you were wondering, the environmentally-friendly designer's green values also extend to her beauty choices. The models at her Pre-Fall 18 show were treated to trendy nude manicures backstage. The products used were all non-toxic, provided by the LA-based luxury green beauty brand Cote.

The newcomer luxury green beauty brand, Cote, is devoted to keeping beauty safe, offering a range of nail-strengthening treatments, base coats, polishes, and top coats, that don't cause toxins and chemicals to be absorbed through our porous nails and skin.

Plus, the trendy nude nail is one of my favorite understated looks of the season. I even keep Deborah Lippmann Sarah Smile ($18) — developed with Sarah Jessica Parker — on my desk at all times! You can also heck out my well-documented love of the new nude trend emerging in beauty, which I covered for Brit + Co.

Below you can follow the exact steps taken backstage to prep the models' nails for the runway, including the very same non-toxic treatments, shades, and top-coats used to achieve the flawlessly understated look they rocked on the runway.

DIY Stella McCartney X Cote's Nude Backstage Mani:

1. Get off to a clean start by removing polish and wiping the surface of your nail using the Cote Take Off Towel ($14).

2. Create the perfect, smooth base for color application using coats of the Resurface & Repair ($21) and the nail-strengthening blend, Growth with Garlic ($21). It's also fab for removing the yellowing hue left behind by former coats of polish.

3. Next, apply two coats of the shade nude no. 8 ($18).

4. Protect your polish from chipping by applying a top coat, Matte Top ($21).

5. Apply Organic Argan Oil ($28) to your cuticles, hands and arms to hydrate, soothe, and complete the runway-ready look.

(Featured Photos via Autumn PR)

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Skincare? yes, please.

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