Fab, Fit, That Was Fun, Part 2

Fab Fit Fun Part II

This is what I chose to make my second fabfitfun box at their event celebrating Dr. Brandt's newest launches in skincare. Guests were treated to resurfacing facials and massages, and went home with loot from the line.

Needles No More is an anti-aging line all about making plastic surgery unnecessary (basically the premise of my entire oeuvre of published work). The line has been repping the tagline, "Look fabulous, not frozen," and the hashtag, #BubblesOverBlades.

fab fit fun dr Brandt

One new product is an eye cream: Dr. Brandt Needles No More No More Baggage Eye De-Puffing Gel ($42). The other is an exfoliating treatment, Dr. Brandt Radiance Resurfacing Foam ($72), comes with a tool used to scrape away product and dead skin cells from the face.

While exfoliation is important, I knew I would be getting a facial from the Peach & Lily founder, Alicia Yoon, the next morning — so I resisted. Plus, online retailer Revolve had rented out the entire Santa Monica pier to put on their event, the Revolve Carnival, and I planned on going.

Still, there were drinks, food, a room for crystal prescriptions, and even an Oracle Card reader giving out advice. Also present? Tori Spelling. I saw her on my way out!

The Swag

Tula by Dr. Raj Hand & Nail Therapy ($22)

Keep your hands looking young for as long as possible! As someone with old-looking hands, don't take their soft youthfulness for granted.

Tula Probiotic Skincare Kefir Moisture Repair ($36-$65)

A probiotic pressed serum? That sounds exactly like something I would be into. I'm also desperately in need of lipid barrier-repair, and this could very well do the trick. That being said, I don't normally do dairy (and kefir is dairy). This one might end up being for Tom.

R+Co Freeway Defining Spray Gel ($29)

This is a line I frequently write about and work with, so I wanted to give this product a try. I honestly don't know when I'll use a gel, but their line is generally excellent. It's also vegan and I am obsessed with their High Dive Moisture + Shine Creme ($29), which I use for my lazy day curls hairstyle.

Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Precision Eye Pencil ($20)

I am always on the search for eyeliners. This one gets mediocre ratings, but I am still excited to try it. My favorite pencil is by Antonym, felt-tipped marker is by Westmore, and smudgey-textured crayon is by RevitaLash. I haven't purchased my favorite type of felt-tipped liner in a while.

NuMe Root Werk ($18)

I like the catchy name and I also occasionally work with the line. Since I write about them, I will take any opportunity to get to know the line better.

Lime Crime Velvetines Teddy Bear ($20)

Violette, M.U.A.-turned-Estée Lauder executive, likes this line. I've written about it before and it's either vegan or cruelty-free. Must check! This is a matte plum-meets-mauve shade.

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream ($20)

I grabbed one when I overheard a girl in there saying, "That stuff is amazing." I have never tried it but have seen it written about a bunch. It's supposed to be firming and great for the "bum bum" region.

Tata Harper Illuminating Eye Creme ($105)

I've never tried this but the friend that I went with has. It has diamond powder in it which is supposed to make it great for dark circles. It's also a non-toxic OG luxury green beauty brand.

Have you tried any of these products? Tell me on Instagram!

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Skincare? yes, please.

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