Elevating Cannabis Culture + a Stoner Girl's Guide to 4:20 Everyday

MJ Lifestyle

I started writing for a new client called MJ Lifestyle. It is a luxury magazine for women within the cannabis community. My first two articles were this write-up of White Rabbit High Tea, an LA-based high tea event planning company with whimsical and luxurious Alice in Wonderland vibes, and the Stoner Girl's Guide to 4:20 Everyday (above). It was unbelievably fun to write. It is also really satisfying to be able to add "Culture" to my professional portfolio! And trust me, luxurious, high-end stoners exist. (Jennifer Aniston, for starters! But did you catch Lucy Hale in Dude on Netflix?)

I discovered so many great upscale cannabis-related lines that I had no idea existed. The denim pouch and snakeskin clutch above, by Jacquie Aiche, were two exciting finds for me because her line is SO cute. I am also particularly fond of this list because Tom recently said to me that everyday, my picks for my articles look more and more like an in-print!

At the end of the day, I am interested in supporting and de-stigmatizing anything that helps people be their best selves, and live their lives with the least resistance. The good doctor, Dr. Herb, falls squarely into that category for me. CBD, THC, tincture, flower, dabbing — whatever it is that elevates your consciousness — grow from it, relax from it, I'm definitely not going to stop you. Don't let a fear of judgment or stigma hold you back!

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Skincare? yes, please.

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