Georgette Klinger: The OG Green Beauty Queen.

The "OG green beauty queen"

Today I discovered the Georgette Klinger skincare line, one of the best-kept celebrity beauty secrets in the biz. It first caught my eye for selling Hillary Clinton's favorite makeup remover; as it turns out, their founder is basically the natural beauty movement's "OG Green Beauty Queen." 

There's a long legacy of celebrity-love for the Czech beauty queen's eponymous line, including stars like Uma Thurman, Bette Midler, and even Old Hollywood's version of Brad Pitt, Robert Redford. 

You might be thinking that this luxury skincare line is lesser-known among millennials, but remember that this is intentional. Luxury brands intentionally don't market to the masses; part of their appeal is their exclusivity. With spa locations in glamorous destinations, like Madison Avenue in NYC and Beverly Hills, California, the spa and skincare line has been beloved by high profile clientele and luxury market consumers galore for ages.


Georgette Klinger 3X Makeup Remover ($18)

The line's intergenerational success speaks to the fact that its natural ingredients work like magic. It was first founded after Georgette suffered a skin reaction from cosmetics she won as a prize for a beauty pageant win. 

The experience — like my post-Vegas facial disaster and foray into LOLI Beauty's green goodness — is what prompted her to delve into skincare. She then studied under the world-renowned dermatologists and estheticians in Budapest, Hungary, before heading home to open her spa. Following the outbreak of WW2, she fled, making her way stateside and opening her Madison Avenue spa.

Over the years, the brand has earned itself a reputation for harboring Europe's best-kept skincare secrets. They have a long tradition of relying on natural active ingredients in the place of fast-acting beauty trends, growing the green beauty movement's roots among the world's most glamorous.

The Philosophy

Her philosophy has always been to bring about clear, healthy skin by relying on holistic principles and natural, European remedies. Her products and treatments have helped countless celebrities (it's a long list!) cure skin woes from acne to wrinkles.

She was the first to turn to nature's plant-powered amazingness stateside. For years, she made use of the skin-saving effects of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, using collagen and retinol to boost skin's elasticity, years before these skincare trends really hit. 

The line also values education, devoting an entire section of their website to exploring their natural ingredients. The end result is like a Green Beauty Encyclopedia, which I'll share in increments in subsequent posts along with my favorite beauty products featuring these natural beauty ingredients! Keep posted for my upcoming posts shining the spotlight on these potent, natural ingredients.

Are you interested in going greener with your beauty products? Tell me in the comments below!

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Skincare? yes, please.

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