12 Haircare Products For Silky Strands this Winter.

My hair texture has changed considerably as I've gotten older. Not only did my hair become wavy, voluminous and wild when unstyled, but it changed in some unexpected ways. First? The color fades right out of the ends, turning reddish in the sun. It also became so dry I could barely stand it. On especially unruly days, I swear I could find matts in it.

Oh, then there's the issue of scalp eczema. I developed the condition after a phase of getting my hair chemically straightened with the Brazilian blow-out. While I loved what it did to the texture of my hair — making it shiny, straight, and easy-to-manage — the toxic chemicals made a total mess of my scalp. Seriously, though.

Thankfully, I've discovered these fab, haircare products that rehabilitated my ultra-sensistive scalp and restored my strands back to glossy health!

Shop them below.


Tree to Tub Soapbery For Hair - Raw Unscented ($20): I swear by this stuff. It was my first step in salvaging my traumatized scalp. I get unscented for extra-gentle care.

Kevin Murphy Repair Me Wash ($36): This is a luxe haircare buy that actually makes a huge difference that you'll feel right away in your strands. Beauty editors love this line and it smells lovely.

Seaweed Bath Co. Balancing Argan Shampoo ($11): I absolutely adore everything from this all-natural, responsibly-sourced, environmentally-friendly line. I got the Eucalyptus-infused shampoo because I *love* the smell of Eucalyptus! (It reminds me of Berkeley, CA, where I grew up.)


Tree to Tub Argan Oil for Hair ($19): This is my all-time favorite conditioner. I go through it like you wouldn't believe because my hair is long, grows super quickly, and gets scraggly-ends quickly. I adore this product!

Kevin Murphy Repair Me Rinse ($36): This bad boy is the real gem. I noticed a difference in my hair right away when I started using it!

Avalon Organics Tea Tree Scalp Treatment ($14): I like to use this tea tree oil-infused conditioner when my scalp needs a little extra love. Tea tree oil is an essential oil with a bevy of skin-enhancing benefits, so it's fab to put on irritated scalps.


Briogeo Rosarco Milk

Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray ($20): I love this product so much! It smells ah-mazing, and is actually non-dairy. It includes products like coconut oil and I use it every single day.


La Tierra Sagrada Jojoba Hair Medicine ($42): Duh — I am obsessed with this. I put a little on my ends and a few drops on my scalp where it needs some healing attention. Just apply it and let the plants work their medicinal magic!

Jonathan Product Finish Shine Polishing Gloss ($26): Vegan, cruelty-free, and red carpet-approved. It was "tested on celebs" and you apply it after styling your hair for extra-shine.

DryBar 100 Proof Leave-In ($20) — This product reduces drying time, but I only apply it to the very ends of my hair to avoid any scalp irritation.


Tangle Teezer ($16): If you don't already have a tangle teezer, prepare for your life to be changed. Used in conjunction with the above hair products, detangling will be a non-painful breeze!


Aquis Essentials Hair Turban ($21): This will change your life if you have long hair. It dries your hair, keeps it from dripping and getting your clothes wet, and keeps it tucked back and secured out of the way. I love mine!

What are your winter haircare essentials?

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