Hollywood's Dermatologist-to-the-Stars Explained His Patented Skincare Method To Me.

I recently spoke with Dr. Harold Lancer, Hollywood's dermatologist to the stars, on the subject of gut health and skincare. Throughout our entire conversation, one thing stood out: The man is a genius. There's a reason he is the head of the world's largest single-physician practice (and it's that he's, in the words of my friend Ramy, "Brillz.").

Sprinkled throughout our thirty-minute convo were skincare tidbits that are simply too good not to pass along. No matter what the topic, a conversation with Dr. Lancer is literally like panning for Pure. Beauty. Gold. And let's be real — knowing that these skincare gems have also been shared with stars like Kim Kardashian, Lucy Hale, and Victoria Beckham makes every little crumb all the more thrilling.

Dr. Lancer + Kim Kardashian

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His wisdom on all things skincare-related is so extensive that it needs to be broken up into several posts. Otherwise, there's just too much to absorb! So the topic of this post will be an introduction to his patented Lancer Method, as well as his casual references to the ideal skincare regimen.

The Lancer Method: What is it?

The Lancer Method Minis Sephora

Lancer Skincare The Method Minis ($25)

Dr. Lancer's world-renowned, patented skincare system incorporates a daily polishing step that sets it apart from other methodologies. While some derms will tell you that daily exfoliation of the sort is too harsh, his calculated system is intentional. And he literally told me that it's reinventing the reigning idea of skincare since biblical times.

In his own words, "The reality is skin functions biologically where it needs polish, then rinsing, then cleansing and rinsing, then applying vitamin C or vitamin A or some peptide blend to nourish... [The] method to The Method is it's always a polish, cleanse, nourish first. No matter your ancestry, it's always polish, cleanse, nourish."

Note that while the steps are always the same, there are customizable products to choose from to suit your particular diagnosis. Different variations of products are used to individualize care according to your skin type, but the concept is constant. (I was surprised that rinsing was so important!) Choose from Lancer Skincare The Method: Normal ($255) , Sensitive ($255), and Blemish-Prone ($255). There used to be an Anti-Aging set, too, but the key is they're all naturally anti-aging.

The Lancer Method Steps

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If you're wondering why polish is essential, remember that resurfacing treatments (like peels, microdermabrasion, micro needling, and laser skincare treatments) all intentionally cause "controlled injury" to your skin. They do so because your skin's natural reparative process is thereby stimulated, bringing fresh, baby-soft, glowing skin in its wake.

Enhanced elasticity and collagen production mean that the skin replacing your old, dead skin cells a more even tone, smoother surface, and helps exfoliate away hyper-pigmentation, surface lines, and wrinkles that are beginning to form.

His patented steps are sworn by by his loyal celebrity devotees — and they're gentle enough for everyday use. Kim Kardashian has called The Method, "Flawless." And Pretty Little Liars-alum Lucy Hale — who once suffered from troubled skin — told Byrdie that she uses Lancer Method Exfoliating Polish ($75) everyday.

The end result is undeniably Hollywood-level results, with stimulated circulation that brings what his fans have dubbed the "Lancer Glow." I can personally vouch for the fact that my skin feels smooth, baby soft, and incredible when I use The Method. Plus, it removes surface-level debris that can get in the way of the precious serums that follow it!

I can't wait to share more of what Dr. Lancer told me and update you on some of my favorite products from his line — stay tuned! Xo.

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Skincare? yes, please.

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