Summer Skincare: A New Launch to Kick Off Your Seasonal Regimen Change.


Jane Iredale: The skincare makeup.

I love Jane Iredale cosmetics because her aim was to create cosmetics that are also good for the skin. While certain cosmetics contain toxins and skin-harming ingredients that age you like whoa if left in your face, these babies all draw from the belief that the foundation of beauty is glowing, healthy skin.


 A favorite of mine is the Jane Iredale Pure Lash Lengthening Mascara ($24). While it's not gluten free, I love the texture because it helps your lashes hold curl. I'd also be very interested in trying out one of her foundations; Jane Iredale Dream Tint Tinted Moisturize($41), in particular, is a much-loved and top-rated industry go-to I’ve been eyeing in addition to her pressed powders. I still plan to try at some point, but right now I am absolutely hooked on my new favorite BB cream by Purlisse. 

Summer Skincare

Anyway, summer skincare calls for some regimen changes in the form of lighter consistency products and more emphasis on SPF— which works even better when used along with a vitamin C serum, —  or any products to reverse or combat the signs of photo-aging (i.e. antioxidants). To get you started on your summer skincare changeups, I wanted to share this tidbit of beauty news to inspire your switches. 

Note that some beauty-lovers stop using retinol in the summer months altogether, as it can make your skin more susceptible to sun damage and hyper-pigmentation. If you choose to continue using retinol in the summertime, be sure to use plenty of SPF and try to keep your face covered. You can also look for hydrators in the form of gel creams and face mists to be sure you're getting optimum hydration and plenty of anti-aging, sun damage-reversing antioxidants.

the launch.

The Jane Iredale Summer 2018 launch consists of the antioxidant-packed HandDrink Hand Cream ($29) and the Lemongrass Love Hydration Spray ($30), available in multiple sizes.

Summer skincare obviously takes the importance of SPF into account thanks to the increase in sun exposure, while antioxidants help slow and repair some of the harmful effects of sun damage. That's why the hand cream contains an SPF 15, protecting you from signs of photo-aging pre-emptively. Not only are dry hands such a buzzkill, but they're also a dead giveaway for age thanks to wrinkles, texture, and pigmentation of all kinds (i.e. sun spots, age spots, scars from teething puppies, etc.). 

The product contains brightening apple extract to even skin tone, white and green tea extracts for an extra helping of antioxidants, and nourishing lemongrass oils for some added oomph. The best part is, the refreshing and hydrating face mist is certified ECOCERT Natural and Organic. It's lemony scent makes it perfect for spritzing for days spent at the beach or pool and it helps to refine and minimize the size of pores. Yes, please!

How will you change your beauty regimen for summer? Tell me below!

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Skincare? yes, please.

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