Why You Should Try LightWave LED + Infrared Beds and Topical Light Infusion

LightWave Allure Activate ($399, orig. $450)

LightWave Therapy 

I am a regular of the Joanna Vargas Spa in Sunset Towers. I bought a package of 6 facials there for myself as a birthday present — which is an amazing way to save money if you're a frequent spa-goer BTW — and have something like 16 sessions remaining in her patented LED and infrared light bed by LightWave, which I love.  My great experiences with the product are why I am so excited about this post.

The other week, I attended a press event at Gina Mari's beautiful Beverly Hills spa. There, I met with the manufacturers of Joanna Vargas' miracle-working LED bed — an Arizona couple with gorgeous skin. (Let that be a testament to the efficacy of LightWave's FDA-certified anti-aging effects because they have one in their home and use it all the time.)

 The LightWave Bed + Topical Light Infusion Panel at Gina Mari Skincare

My passion for the collagen-stimulating "anti-tanning" machine began when it helped rapidly heal my skin following a serious, inflammatory reaction (i.e. hives and sandpaper-like texture) I had from a product I was testing. In three days' time, it had facilitated my body's own repair mechanisms and returned my skin to a state of relative normalcy — enough so that I was able to attend my friend Jordan's wedding without looking like a monster. 

The patented bed's healing benefits are epic, ranging from muscle regeneration and improved circulation to pain relief. One of the owners of Light Wave, who has Hashimoto’s like me, shines the red light on her thyroid gland to give it some love and to help boost its production. These powerful lights are also one of the most innovative, technologically advanced non-incasive anti-aging skincare treatments available.

Its benefits can be channeled via colors:

  • Red Light: "[Y]our skin responds by building, strengthening, and maximizing structure," dermatologist Dendy Engelman told Byrdie. "Red light is also believed to target oil glands and reduce cytokines, which cause inflammation and play a role in chronic acne."

  • Blue Light: Kills bacteria, including the p. acnes bacteria linked to breakouts.

  • Infrared Light: Promotes healing at the cellular level (Organic Newsroom)

Why LightWave?

I can personally vouch for the incredible skin-loving effects of LightWave's technology. It's important to note that I cannot vouch for the efficacy of other brands' products, like the Neutrogena Light Therapy Mask that you have likely seen at Target. While there are many companies offering colored light therapy, LightWave’s is the only FDA-cleared technology approved for achieving the skincare benefits these devices set out to do. 

LightWave LED Therapy Treatment is approved for the following skin conditions:

  • Anti-Aging (i.e. reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, etc.)

  • Hyper-Pigmentation (i.e. normalization of pigmentation in the dermis)

  • Scarring (i.e. accelerated reduction of fibrotic tissue and replacement with normal tissue)

  • Prejuvenation (i.e. preventative anti-aging care via increased circulation and skin nutrition)

  • Sagging (i.e. stimulated reparative processes resulting in tightened skin in neck, upper chest, and abdomen)

  • Pain Relief (i.e. anti-inflammatory function aids in the healing of tissue damage, as well as relief to joints and muscles)

  • Acne (i.e. anti-bacterial effects and the expedited treatment and healing of acne)

Depending on the skin symptoms you are experiencing, treatment protocol varies. For example, treating acne entails 15 minutes under the anti-bacterial blue light followed by 15 minutes under the healing red light. Skin tightening requires bi-weekly treatments, while general anti-aging maintenance will require a monthly session in a red light bed — after an initial series of more frequent treatments to give your skin a boost.

Dreams really do come true...

I frequently cite beauty fate as being responsible for the synchronistic mini-miracles that occur in my life. For instance, I had been secretly wishing for an at-home device that could relay the above benefits. After meeting with the founders of LightWave, and receiving a complimentary peel and session in the bed, I was gifted one of their at-home devices.

The small handheld LED device, LightWave Allure Activate ($399, orig. $450), can alternate between blue and red lights depending on how many times you press the button. While it is less efficient than a bed, which covers as much surface area as possible at once, it allows you to work skincare into a number of activities in small batches at a time.

Sora Connor, Senior Facialist at JV Spa and Celebritiy Esthetician, keeps hers plugged in next to her couch. This allows her maximal convenience in that she can anti-age and improve her skin while she's lounging or watching TV. (For me, all it took one look at her skin to realize that whatever she's doing, I want in on!)

Suffice it to say that I am beyond thrilled with the skincare goodie I somehow manifested. It's normally $450, but it's on sale right now: LightWave Allure Activate ($399).

The Topical Light Infusion Panel

Topical Light Infusion is the latest technological gem offered by the skin-saviors at LightWave. In addition to their full body LED and Infrared beds and the at-home LED device that I love so much, their new Topical Light Infusion Panels promise improved absorption of active ingredients with custom blends of colored lights for maximum benefits to the face.

Yes, I tried it. And yes, it left me with a glow.

First, Gina Mari — who is an absolute angel with gorgeous skin — applied a gentle pumpkin peel. Then, a LightWave hydrogel mask was applied to my face. I was set up in the LightWave bed with a Topical Light Infusion Panel set up by the face. By wearing the mask during the treatment, I got a non-invasive photo-facial with absolutely no downtime.

As the owners explained to me, it works by energizing the molecules in our products using light so that they can penetrate deeper into our skin. Otherwise, the "500 Dalton rule" means that large molecules — like those of hyaluronic acid — are too big to be deeply absorbed, remaining near the surface of our faces. By energizing the molecules optimally — too much energy would corrupt the ingredient, while too little would be ineffective — the active ingredients shimmy themselves down to where some deep healing and repair can take place. They also launched a line of skincare products designed for use with light technology.

There are a number of photo-enhanced facials to try, treating everything from scarring and hyper-pigmentation, to barrier-fortification and blemish control. Of course, the collagen-boosting treatment also offers a number of anti-aging modifications, as well. Read about them here.

Do you want to try Light Wave Therapy or the Topical Light Infusion Panel? Tell me on Instagram!

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