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New Favorite Cleansing Oil,

Votary Super Seed Cleansing Oil ($78)

UK-Based Beauty

Maybe it's because I'm about to leave for London in a week, or maybe it's because I love Kate Middleton's favorite facial oil — the sold-out-everywhere Beuti Sleep Elixir ($65) that I posted on Instagram — but I'm entering a British phase in beauty.

So far, this has meant lots of filler-free, potent oils powered by natural ingredients. It makes sense considering their chillier climate that their skincare would rely upon barrier-protective ingredients, like potent botanicals and nutrient-dense seed oils. (A healthy skin barrier and lipid-rich products help to buffer your complexion from the elements.) Even in this hot SoCal weather, I have been thrilled with the results — especially because Alicia Yoo of Peach & Lily let me know that I was dealing with barrier-compromised skin.

Votary is a beauty editor- and M.U.A.-founded luxury green beauty line that is personally tested by the gorgeous founder, Arabella. It is made in small, bespoke batches, it's cruelty-free and exclusive, and comes in sophisticated and self-preservative emerald green packaging. (The green shade of glass protects it from the sun.) One of their rockstar products is the Votary Super Seed Cleansing Oil ($78) above, so I tried it first.

I've been using the 21-oil blend for a week now and am obsessed with how incredibly smooth it leaves my skin. It's honestly my favorite facial oil I have ever tried, even better than the cult-favorite Tatcha Pure One-Step Camellia Cleansing Oil ($48). I have used it as the first first step in a double-cleanse with Sunday Riley's newly reformulated, cult-favorite cleanser, Ceramic Slip. (Step 2 is usually a water-based cleanser, but so far I'm loving it.) It's great for sensitive skin, dry skin, as well as conditions like rosacea.

What I Love:

- Skin-Silkifying

- Melts Makeup Off Cleanly

- Comes With A Wash Cloth

- Naturally Preservative Green Bottle

- Natural, Non-Irritating, Barrier-Restoring

I am also a total fan of the ingredients! Seeds are an incredible source of essential fatty acids — which help make your skin barrier leak-proof — and filler-free nutrients and skin vitamins. The funny thing is, the rosemary scent reminds me the tiniest bit of pizza. (I must have been hungry! I can't eat gluten or dairy so I have to get my thrills where I can.)

Votary Clarifying Cleansing Oil ($72)

For those of you with breakout-prone, oily, or combination skin types, the line launched a clarifying oil blend to balance your complexion. Remember, sufficient hydration is what cues the body to stop producing excess oil. That's why the right oils really can help cure a breakout-prone complexion. Their clarifying line includes a blemish spot treatment and hydrating facial oil, as well.

I am also extremely excited about their newest launch, a retinoid eye oil, that Vogue named one of the top upcoming launches. I am personally a huge fan of eye oils — I have been loving Akar Skin Organic Nutrient Boost Eye Serum ($85), which I have been sealing in with Orveda Eye Unveiler ($255). I know, my eyes are so spoiled. These are the moments when I really love my job.

One last interesting product to be aware of from this fabulous line? A toning oil-based serum. I haven't tried it yet, but I do have it in my possession... and I cannot wait to try it!

Votary Intense Eye Oil ($184)

Do you want to try Votary? Tell me on Instagram!

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