It's Official: Matching Your Foundation Shade Has Never Been Easier.

 BareMinerals Made-2-Fit

I recently wrote this Brit + Co. post on QVC's launch of BareMinerals Made-2-Fit Fresh Faced Foundation ($49) — AKA the line's range of customized foundations. Why? Because it's the most high-tech and convenient foundation ever. The details of how to get the product are on B+C, but it essentially uses an app made with MATCHCo technology to take readings of various points of your face. The technology takes the data, converts it into your own personal formula, and then you can order your very own blend. 

The foundation has been around for a year, but it's the first time you can order it anywhere other than the BareMinerals site. If you go to QVC and use the code "MATCHME", you will also get a free foundation brush.

Disclaimer: I brightened this photo, but it really does match.


(1) The Tech Part Isn't (That) Hard. I am not comfortable with tech the way most people are but even I was able to use this app. I had to calibrate the app by tapping my phone's camera against white paper first. I wasn't even sure it was working because of how long I had to spend tapping my face, and even when I saw the shade they mixed, I thought it seemed dark. But when it arrived, it matched!

(2) It's SO Convenient. The main reason I am so psyched about this is that I was able to order it from home. I didn't even have to leave my office! Knowing that I had a wedding to attend up in NorCal, residual difficulties from my move to handle, and a growing pile of deadlines that I was falling behind on meant that I just didn't have time to hit up the store to have a professional match me. To me, this is totally a form of self-care — saving myself the time and effort it would take to go try to match my shades definitely reduced stress. 

(3) The formula isn't as green as I'd like. While the color-matching technology is life-alteringly convenient, I am trying to go ultra-green with my regimen. This formula is lightweight, provides moderate coverage, and does contain some active ingredients to nourish the skin. For instance, it has a few skin-enhancing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich botanical extracts (green tea, white lily, and white mulberry), anti-aging peptides, and even barrier-supporting ceramides; however, these skin benefits come along with a number of unnatural ingredients, as well. 

I'm a fan. I used it at a wedding after my skin had been through absolute hell and it did not irritate me or break me out. It's great to have on hand, my personalized bottle is way cute, and the color-matching capability is groundbreaking... I can't wait for a cleaner, greener version to come out!

How do you match your foundation to your skin tone? Tell me on Instagram!

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