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New Moon in Virgo: September 9, 2018

One of my favorite humans, Meredith Schneider, is a moon ritual regular. She sages, sets intentions, charges her crystals, and does her witchy thang. "Every time a new moon rolls around, I schedule a new moon ritual, no matter how much time I have," Meredith explains. "It is a practice that reminds me to check in with myself and what I've accomplished, and what I'm manifesting for my future."

These are all things I support wholeheartedly, hence my past posts on crystals and places like Sunday Forever NYC.

When I was contacted by MoonBox, a monthly subscription box that focuses on holistic self-care, I was beyond excited. MoonBox makes it beyond easy to sync your self-care right up with the moon.

Each box is curated with the new moon in mind, which is the ideal cosmic timing for setting intentions and manifesting your dreams. Since conducting moon rituals is not covered in school, having an expertly-crafted lunar swag bag sent straight to your front door — complete with every metaphysical goodie you need to vibe up with the astrological house it’s in — makes it possible to DIY your own.

I've also always loved moon-gazing. Seeing as how the moon represents our emotional selves, I totally understand why. I may be small physically, but I am emotionally giant. The moon's various phases are known for making your unconscious mind accessible, making it ideal for inner-work, another passion of mine.

The older I get, the more I notice it’s common knowledge among women (and Emergency Room staff) that moon-time makes us really emotionally charged. Delving within to release old traumas (i.e. emotional clearing) and to make room for new, positivity-promoting points of view and perspectives is all part of what makes it so great for manifesting. On the subtle level, it's like you're raising your vibes.

Literally everyone who knows me knows that I'm into things like astrology, depth psychology, and inner-work — hello, I used to be a therapist! Because of how lunar significance can play a role in our growth, putting us in touch with our inner-knowledge, and heightening our intuition, even skeptics can benefit from MoonBox's timing. Their message — which is all about taking the time for self-reflection and self-care — is fabulous for us all. So what if it's paced by the moon? It's still good for you.

Below you can catch a glimpse the goodies that came in my September box. I will then try to cover some of the lunar basics I have picked up from my box — and beyond.

Gaia Collective MoonBox Subscription ($12.50/moon) 

Inside My MoonBox

My favorite item is the Virgo New Moon Journal 2018 by Jill Wintersteen. Nerd that I am, I adore the journal. It feels like you are reading a textbook from Divination class at Hogwarts (BTW my step-mom, whom I love, reminds me of Professor Trelawney). The little "Moon Manual" includes an in-depth guide to this new moon, including an interactive journal to prepare for the ritual on multiple levels. Oh — checking out your monthly moonscope is way fun, too. (Make sure you know your Moon sign!) Download the digital version here

Other awesome gifts? Hygienic mat mist for my yoga mat, some crystalline soap for Virgos, a heart chakra-enhancing necklace, some all natural perfume balm, and even a selenite wand! The little mat provided also serves as the perfect altar for setting up your lunar goodies. Note: I'll make this part shoppable at some point this week!

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The Lunar Basics

(1)The first thing to note is that the moon represents our emotional selves, so you will best experience this ritual and the subtle shifts associated with it by tuning into your emotions and looking inward.

(2)The ritual is most salient for those who devote their time and energy on things like spiritual growth and inner-work. So while everybody has emotional hang-ups, those of us who are self-aware are more likely to vibe with the momentum for change created with the new moon ritual.

(3) Lastly, those of you who manifest — i.e. you set goals and set intentions that align your frequency with that of your dreams — will benefit from the added help of the new moon's transformative vibes.

This month the new moon is in Virgo, my sun sign. Represented by the goddess, or virgin, the sign and energy of this new moon is all about refinement. Known for being perfectionistic, detail-oriented, and analytical, channel this energy to plan for the ways to manifest your dreams into physical reality — but always, ALWAYS, base your plans in your intuition. 

This is about aligning your life to your higher-self — or your ideal potential — to which you connect increasingly via your intuition. By no means should this mean forcing your truest self into something uncomfortable or unnatural for you. Rather, on whatever level you're comfortable with, you are syncing up your mind, body, and soul with the  divine timing of the cosmos. Why? So your potential can unfold with the least resistance possible.

The Virgo spirit is like an earthy and sure-of-herself snob, but she's also right and loves unconditionally. She will care for you endlessly and selflessly. But if you betray her, you'll get the axe from her life and she'll go cold. (When I do this, which is rare, I call it "emotional flatlining.")

Here are some tips from the Virgo New Moon Journal:

Virgo new moon

Remember: Virgo is all about refinement and perfection — in this case, of the "subtle" level (i.e. the psycho-spiritual level, including the emotions, or the soul/mind/spirit — whatever verbiage resonates with you).

The Inner-Work Basics

While emotional work is grueling, individualized, personal, and sets you apart from the "norm," cleansing at the emotional level literally results in bliss. I know many who love to say that people don't change, but I don't accept that. In my life, it's just not true. 

Growth and evolution are real, happening for many of us consciously, and transforming mindsets, life trajectories, and world-views left and right. I am pretty blissed out these days, but I'll admit it took a devastating amount of work. That being said, it was all worth it. Self-attunement and inner-work were two of my chosen tools to get here.

Funnily enough, this does relate to the moon and it's not that hard to see why. The moon controls the ocean’s tides and sets the pace for our periods, for crying out loud. Considering we’re made up of mostly water, it's like lunar cycles are stirring up our inner-tides. A holistic understanding of the moon's feminine significance helps me believe that our shifting 'inner tides' are felt through our emotions. 

 (Photo via Pinterest user Behance)

For those of us who experience it, emotionally-focused inner-work can be a really grueling process. Our greatest lessons in life are often following emotionally taxing experiences. But the Virgo, workaholic that she is, charges ahead in pursuit of perfection — all the way down to our souls.

There is a particular Rumi quote that always comes to mind when I think about the Virgo's passion for improvement: 

"The soul is a newly tanned hide, bloody and gross. Work on it with manual discipline, and the bitter tanning acid of grief."

Virgo vibes — and the energy of the season — are all about that intense, hard work that leads to a long-term payoff. But it’s not always pretty on the way.

The mystic poet was referring to the painful whittling away of the ego, a difficult and tumultuous roller-coaster of a process, to reveal the perfection of the divine soul underneath. This appeals to me because I'm weird — but I'm also a Virgo. And if you knew me when I was a kid or teenager versus who I am now, you would have to admit that the decade of the 20s — in which I tuned into my intuition and worked on incorporating it into my life like it was my job — was a legitimately transformative time for me.

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There is said to be a certain metaphysical light (halo?), or magnetism, that comes along with self-awareness, as well as heightened capacity for intuitive gifts and things like creativity. Rumi likens it to polishing your mirror (and getting honest with the reflection). I like to think of it as a certain high vibe that radiates when your values, beliefs, and actions begin to merge in your everyday reality. Many consider the state of inner-growth and spiritual expansion to be a sacred process, myself included.

These inner-states are the perfect types of things to contemplate in conjunction with the moon.

If there is growing you want to do, or maybe there are some inner blockages holding you back from reaching a goal, new moons are a great time to turn your focus inward, to do the deeper psychological or energetic work, and to start seeing your goals through in spite of the inner or outer challenges. Virgo energy supports you in taking up the reins and cracking that whip — and she will whip you into shape, but the results will be bangin’.

(Photo via Pinterest via Café com Astrologia) 

Syncing Self-Care With The Moon

Moon-lover or not, any excuse to tend to your inner-wellness is so important. The moon provides us with the perfect natural calendar to pace regular self-care in your life. I sometimes like to think of it as an emotional tune-up, or self-maintenance.

I absolutely loved receiving my MoonBox. I get to enjoy a bunch of swag thanks to my job, but this one is so unique and novel. It's a little metaphysically-inspired gift that promote self-care all in one. And it's not that expensive, either!

Now, cast your skepticism aside. There is an inner process that corresponds to the waxing and waning of the lunar cycle, from each new-to-full moon phase. New moons, like the one on September 9, are considered extra-powerful days for inner growth and transformation. They are the ideal time to set intentions and manifest, as well as to dip into your unconscious for clarity and self-evolution.

Use this day (well, night) to manifest the life of your dreams! Get to work setting those intentions and give me a shout if you have any questions. I know some fabulous moon-savvy folks that I can connect you with.

Would you like to try MoonBox? Tell me on Instagram!

**I am going to continue to make edits on this post over the course of the next day. Check back soon to see the most updated version!

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