My Favorite Dark Circle Solution

Alex Chung on dark circles, as told to Into the Gloss, "You have to cover that shit."

Dark Circles

Since my post on dark circle-solving skincare products just went live on Brit + Co., I wanted to share my favorite product for concealing dark circles: Lancer Skincare Studio Light Flawless Eye Concealer ($40). I formerly used two products — Dior Prime and Color Correct ($36) and the now discontinued Laura Mercier High Coverage Concealer for Under Eye ($25) — but have switched over to just Lancer's. A little bit goes a lot way, so I usually end up applying it along my undereye and then blending it down my cheekbone, which brightens like no other. 

Lancer Skincare dark circle

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causes + Treatments

The above concealer reflects light, which makes it incredible for covering shadows. But it won't resolve the circles altogether. The main thing to know when selecting your treatment is that dark circles have different causes. Depending on where yours arise from, you might choose a different problem-solving product to address them.

(1) Bone Structure: I have deep-set eyes thanks to my bone structure, which means that no matter what, my eyelashes cast shadows on my under-eye area. It's such a bummer! A concealer that will make the best use of available light to help control shadows is key. Now that I use this guy, I've cut out two expensive products from my regimen.

Try: Lancer Skincare Studio Light Flawless Eye Concealer ($40)

(2) Aging: As we age, our eyes also become more sunken naturally — the opposite of a puffy eye problem. To remedy this with an in-office procedure, head to a cosmetic dermatologist to get fillers injected under your eye! You can also grab an eye cream containing a brightening ingredient, like vitamin C or Kojic Acid. I am dying to try this new launch, but it keeps selling out.

Try: Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Cream ($38) — It's pigmented!

skincare dark circles

(3) Thin Skin: Our skin thins as we age. For some of us, this means that our blue veins will show through our delicate under-eye skin. One way to address this is with a collagen-boosting product, or an eye cream containing a growth factor.

Try: Neocutis Lumière Riche Bio-Restorative Eye Balm ($107) — I know it's expensive, but it one of the industry's favorites. Also, Mindy Kaling uses it. 

dark circles

(4) Poor Circulation: If your dark circles seem to be due to puffiness, products to jump-start your circulation can help. This will also help brighten the skin on its own. Products or eye patches containing caffeine are great for kick-starting under-eye circulation. P.S. I have been really wanting to these ferment-powered eye brighteners from Glow Recipe — Wish Formula Bat Eye Essence Mask ($4) + Wish Formula Panda Eye Essence Mask ($2.50).

Try: 100% Pure Bright Eyes ($7) — I haven't tried these ones yet but I want to.

skincare dark circles

How do you deal with dark circles? Share below!

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