Conscious Commerce: Ethical Business Advocacy is Yet Another Reason to Love Olivia Wilde.

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You might've noticed that a bevy of bestie-run businesses have been popping up, from Secretly Gifting to Pop & Suki. But actress Olivia Wilde and her BFF Barbara Burchfield take things in a philanthropically-minded direction with their start-up, Conscious Commerce.

Conscious Commerce partners with businesses to help them to create eco-friendly collections, by "[integrating] conscious consumerism into every commercial vertical." How? By connecting non-profit organizations and foundations with sustainable businesses, forming collaborations and awareness-raising campaigns along the way. From H&M to to Alternative Apparel, the pair have been personally helping make eco-friendly shopping both widespread and accessible.

Conscious Commerce

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Of course — Hollywood boasts tons of humanitarian celebs standing up for causes they believe in, with high-profile ladies like Meghan Markle accepting ambassadorships with NGO's like World Vision. But Olivia and Babs upped the ante by creating their own ethically-minded sustainable business model that is actively inserting "social consciousness" into the business world.

Vogue revealed thaeir involvement in eco-conscious collaborations with retailers like Alternative Apparel, whose messenger bag benefited Haitian students. Meanwhile, the launch of H&M's Conscious Exclusive collection in 2017 kicked-off the fashion brand's long-term plan for sustainability.

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Every piece of the environmentally-friendly Conscious Exclusive collection was made sustainably, using patented forms of polyester and fabrics made from recycled goods. H&M plans to incorporate environmentally responsible practices into their long-term business plan, as well, with a goal of using 100% sustainably-sourced cotton by the year 2020.

Olivia and Babs want our eco-friendly shopping opportunities to continue to expand until it's the norm and they're putting in the work to make it happen. While I already loved Olivia as an actress, now I respect her even more as a human.

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