2018 Met Gala: The Natural Mani Worn by Paris Jackson and Miley Cyrus

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Met Gala 2018: 

Just last night, fashion's biggest night out of the entire year took place: The Met Gala. The annual fundraising fete is held at the NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art to mark the opening of the Costume Institute's fashion exhibition. On the first Friday in May, fashion's A-list hits the red carpet decked-out in extraordinary couture to match the year’s theme.

Fashion fans and followers of celebrity culture know that the Met Gala's red carpet is one of the most highly-anticipated. Fashion's biggest event truly celebrates the art in fashion, which means that celebrities and public figures don't hold back with their style and beauty. It's where Taylor Swift debuted her bleached blonde shag and black lips; where Lily Aldridge stepped out in glitter brows; and where Rihanna has literally never failed to turn heads.

This year, the theme was ethereal AF. Specifically, "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination." The surprisingly religious theme was interpreted in a number of ways — Rihanna wore a papal hat and Sarah Jessica Parker wore a golden nativity as a headpiece. But not everyone took the theme quite so literally.

Two starlets who don't usually hold back dressed up in surprisingly tame garb: Paris Jackson and Miley Cyrus. The two weren't just understated in their wardrobe choices, but also in their makeup. The duo also made a green beauty statement by wearing natural nails that were polished to perfection by one of my favorite non-toxic, cruelty-free lines, Côte.

Yup. Two more green goddesses have officially joined the ranks. They're pictured above with Stella McCartney, already known for being a green fashion mogul. 

 (Photo via moi)

Natural Nails at the Met:

Some were not impressed by the understated looks on Paris Jackson and Miley Cyrus... but seeing as how they're normally more exhibitionisr, I appreciated their muted looks. (Actually, I appreciate understated style anyway.) Pictured above with Stella McCartney — eco-conscious fashion designer, daughter of my favorite Beatle, and an animal activist — the young starlets wore natural nails that were buffed to perfection with the help of Côte, a non-toxic, "10-free" line of nail products.

I used to think it was unprofessional to have my nails unpolished — ever. These days, I am so on board with the natural beauty movement that I don't mind at all. Considering the wreckage that followed my gel manicure phase — which was so bad that it inspired this post on Brit + Co. — I really appreciate the 10-free (nontoxic) products the line boasts. Getting a manicure is supposed to be a treat — self-care — not an activity that sends toxic chemicals into your system! 

Tip: I love a good nude manicure, so if you don't want to go totally bare, my favorite shade is Context Ain't Love Strange ($15). Yes, it's non-toxic + cruelty-free.

Here's the Côte manicure the fashion babes above rocked at the 2018 Met Gala:


(1) Prep your nail bed using Côte Takeoff Towel ($14).

Start off by cleaning the surface of your nail using one of their gentle, non-acetone polish removing wipes. They're much less drying than acetone and may or may not smell like fresh oranges.

(2) Condition your nails using Côte Argan Oil ($28)

Then apply their cold-pressed oil to your cuticles, nail beds, and skin. It's conditioning, hydrating, and amazing.

(3) Choose your nail-nourishing treatment: Côte Resurface & Repair ($21) or Growth with Garlic Base Coat ($21)

You can also get both of the above nail treatments in a Duo ($38).

Honestly, though — why bother applying harmful products to your nails when you can go to even less trouble and apply something health-promoting?! My nail care has been totally transformed by my adoption of a cleaner, greener, and healthier beauty habit. Plus I'm all about supporting beauty that's cruelty-free.

Have you tried non-toxic nail polish? Tell me below!

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Skincare? yes, please.

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