#Twinning: 10 Point Toe Designer Shoes with Budget-Friendly Lookalikes

Victoria Beckham Point Toe Muse

The Boss-Babe Muse: Victoria Beckham

For the Love of Luxury Footwear

When you're a designer-loving, non-CEO, you have to learn to be resourceful. Given the choice, I would prefer to buy one designer investment than to stock up on my everyday styles. Once during grad school, I bought a pair of Vera Wang platforms and a copy of Carl Jung's The Red Book instead of buying groceries! It's not rational, it's not necessarily healthy, but it's my thing.

That being said, I am a writer, which means that the designer shopping perks that once came with my salary are on temporary hiatus. My life requires a wardrobe containing multiple, on-trend, event-ready outfits — not just minimalist garb to complement my precious designer purchases. The need in my wardrobe for both quality and quantity has taught me to become an expert at finding quality designer dupes from more affordable designers.

The proof? During sorority recruitment as an undergrad, we had to wear formal black dresses on the final night of rush. One year I wore a delicate, pleated cocktail dress and was asked if it was Rebecca Taylor. Nope — I had actually found it at Forever 21. Priding myself on how I once picked out a dress for $35 that people assumed cost me hundreds, I've turned my "designer discernment" into this money-saving shopping guide for a favorite contemporary shoe trend: the point toe.

Just in case you fall in love with one of the styles below, you can splurge guilt-free on its affordable fashion counterpart. The designer doppelgängers I curated will definitely not max out your credit cards.

The Sartorial Psychology of the Point Toe Trend

Everlane Point Toe The Boss Flat

The Power Shoe: Everlane The Boss Flat ($165)

When styling or shopping for a pointed toe shoe, I try to channel the self-assured confidence of Victoria Beckham, whose business-savviness, beautiful family, and overall haute-ness inspires me. My love of the point-toe shoe trend just jives with my personal aesthetic preferences for angles, edges, and neat, contained, modern lines. Although, my affections could also be explained astrologically. After all, I'm a Virgo — the most uptight sign of the zodiac.

I liken the footwear trend to a modern power-shoe for women; less confrontational than a combat boot, but formidable enough to take a stand in. My wardrobe and my inner-states are in constant communication; my personal style comes down to balancing this inner- and outer-disparity with my RTW choices.

The equivalent of a sartorial control-freak, the sharp edges empower me with defined boundaries and smooth presentation. (And we all know I am a fierce advocate of personal boundaries.) Artfully containing whatever chaos may lurk beneath, they define your means of mobility and self-determination; like a power suit for your feet, but versatile enough that you can pair them with anything. 

When I select a point toe shoe style, I am dressing to exude what I want to feel: bold enough to assert myself while deterring those who aim to oppress me. In recent years I have dealt with individuals who have fought hard against my personal truth and my right to self-determination; developing a fondness for sharp shoe styles could be the physical manifestation of an unconscious form of self-defense.

Even when I'm dressed-down or in a grunge-inspired getup, the pointed toe asserts a certain intentionality. If my shoes could speak, they'd say, "Don't question me." The shoe trend makes me feel polished, sophisticated, and powerfully stylish. By contrast, I feel different vibes when wearing round and almond-shapes (which are still great, BTW). 

While the silhouette is a long-time favorite for pumps, it is popping up on completely different footwear styles. While loafers and stilettos, mules and open-toe styles, are all getting modern updates, it is an extra-fun time to shop the trend. (I am personally dying for a pair of point toe stilettos.)

The designer styles below were selected from the Saks Fifth Avenue gift card event — in the event that you splurge, you will receive gift cards in amounts up to $900 as rewards for purchases $250 and over. You can snag the deal online by using the code <OCT18>. The affordable shoe-twins are from other retailers, such as Nordstrom, Zappos, and Everlane.

Lastly, if you shop from the links below, I will get a tiny commission. But don't let that deter you.

Here are my top 10 designer point-toe shoe styles to shop and their budget-friendly fashion twins.


Slingback Flats 

Diane von Furstenburg ($228) vs. Schutz Shoes ($150)

Point Toe Slingback Slacks Diane von Furstenburg

Diane von Furstenburg Koko Black Slingback Flats ($228)

Black and red are the season's power pairing.


Schutz Alanna Slingback Flats ($150)

That's an ankle strap — these styles are very close.

Schutz Slingback Point Toe Flats


Embellished Flats

Christian Louboutin ($745) vs. Linea Paolo ($130)

Point Toe Embellished Flats with Studs Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Anjalina Studded Leather Flats ($745)

These heavy metal-inspired ballet flats are the perfect way to wear Winter white.


Linea Paolo Portia Studded Loafer ($130)

A discount line called FSJ has identical styles to the above, but I cannot vouch for quality.

Linea Paolo Studded Loafer Embellished Point Toe


Point Toe Ankle Boots

The Row ($1,250) vs. Zara ($129)

Point Toe Ankle Booties Stiletto Heel

The Row Gloria Leather Ankle Boots ($1,250)


Zara Leather Stiletto Heeled Ankle Boots ($129)

Zara Leather Stiletto Heeled Ankle Boots Red White


Kitten Heel Ankle Bootie

Cole Haan ($250) vs. Alexandre Birman ($695)

Alexandre Birman White Point Toe Kitten Heel Bootie

Alexandre Birman Leather Kittie Booties ($695)


Cole Haan Vesta Bootie ($250)

Cole Haan Vesta Point Toe Kitten Heel Bootie


Chelsea Boots:

Acne Studios ($560) vs. Marc Fisher Ltd ($180)

Acne Studios Grain Leather Chelsea Boot

Acne Studios Jensen Leather Ankle Boots ($560)

I have a major style crush on Acne ever since Alexa Chung pointed it out as a favorite.


Marc Fisher Ltd Yale Chelsea Boot ($180)

The Everlane style below also comes in a similar grain texture.

Marc Fischer Chelsea Boot Point Toe White


Elevated Chelsea Boots

Stella McCartney ($1,035) vs. Everlane The Boss Boot ($235)

Stella McCartney vegan elevated Chelsea boot Point Toe

Stella McCartney Pointed Toe Chelsea Boots ($1,035)

They're vegan!


Everlane The Boss Boot ($235)

Elevate them with black or stone-hued patent leather.

Everlane Boss Boot in Black Patent Point Toe


Point Toe Loafers

Nicholas Kirkwood ($695) vs. Franco Sarto ($89)

Nicholas Kirkwood Zig Zag Point Toe Leather Loafer

Nicholas Kirkwood Beya Zig Zag Loafer ($695)

I have wanted a pair of pointed toe loafers from the first time I spotted them. If you prefer black and silver hardware, Tod's Leather Ballet Loafers ($695) rock.


Franco Sarto Starland Pointed Toe Loafer ($89)

Franco Sarto Point Toe Loafer Metallic


Point Toe Stilettos

Gianvito Rossi ($845) vs. Iro Paris ($425)

Gianvito Rossi Metallic Silver Point Toe Stiletto Sandal

Gianvito Rossi Metallic Leather Ankle-Strap Sandals ($845)

I love this toe shape on stilettos so much.


Iro Paris Fix Sandals ($425)

I almost bought these in-store in black.

Iro Suede Point Toe Stiletto Red Sandal



Gianvito Rossi ($695) vs. Forever 21 ($34)

Gianvito Rossi Suede Point Toe Mules Open Toe

Gianvito Rossi Suede Point Toe Mules ($695)


Forever 21 Faux Suede Pointed Open-Toe Mules ($34)

Forever 21 Suede Point Toe Open Toe Mules


Statement Pumps

Balmain ($750) vs. Loriblu ($215)

Balmain Black Silver Daphne Suede Mirror Pumps Point Toe

Balmain Daphne Suede Mirror Pumps ($750) 


Loriblu Stud-Embellished Pointed-Toe Pumps ($215)

These are subtle enough that it's a "business in front/party in back" situation.

They are also on sale, normally costing $358.

Loriblu Point Toe Pump Embellished Heel Pump


Mary Janes

Miu Miu ($790) vs. Kurt Geiger London ($139)

Embellished Miu Miu Mary Jane Slingback Pumps

Miu Miu Embellished Slingback Pumps ($790)

For a version without heels, check out Miu Miu Patent Mary Jane Flats ($650)

or the gorgeous buckled pair by Gucci, Gucci Patent Leather Mary Jane Flats ($980).


Kurt Geiger London Kingly ($139)

If you have tiny feet and wear a size 5, do not miss the great sale on the unembellished L.K. Bennett Suede Mary Jane Point Toe Flats ($177) — they are normally $295.

Kurt Geiger Embellished Mary Jane Point Toe Flats

(Featured photos via PopSugar Australia/Footwear News/Vogue/InStyle)

What are your favorite shoe styles? Tell me on Instagram!

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