10 Pro-Health Pre-Amazon Prime Day Deals Worth Shopping

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Amazon Prime Day

What a confusing shopping "holiday" — it took me forever to figure out that the deals we can snag leading up to July 16th are to get us ready for the prime-day deals we can look forward to. While I do happen to know a couple sneak peeks are in the works — 20% off of brands I love, like Jane Iredale (I love the lengthening mascara!), and Seaweed Bath Co. — these are the teaser deals I've spotted ahead of time. The next few are active now, meaning that you can shop them immediately.

To get you in the shopping mood, here are 10 pre-Amazon Prime Day deals to shop.


Goddess Garden Organics Face the Day Daily Mineral SPF Moisturizer SPF 30 ($12.66, orig. $20): Reef-safe and health-safe. I checked the ingredients and looked up the brand on EWG and it has the safest possible rating. After interviewing dermatologists on SPF for Brit + Co., I approve of this formula! Especially the non-nano zinc particles, which means they won't be absorbed into your body.


VAVA Air Purifier with 3-in-1 HEPA Filter ($67.99, orig. $100): Since moving, I've gotten two air purifiers — one for my bedroom, and one for my living room/kitchen. It has made a huge difference in reducing my allergies, which were causing my eczema to flare up and my skin to be extremely dry and irritated.


Watery Alkaline Water Pitcher ($27.35, orig. $49): It's BPA free and you can customize it with various filters to ensure that you're removing all the toxins you want, from fluoride to lead. I love drinking alkaline water and it can be especially helpful for those of you who suffer digestive upsets after acidic foods.


Beauty Blender Gold Mine: Makeup Sponge & Beauty Essentials Set ($32, orig. $64): These little sponges really do apply foundation, bb cream, cc cream, and concealer extremely well. This set also includes blotting tools and a tool for cleaning the sponges. To use them, you wet them, ring them out, then apply with a flawless blend. They recommend washing after every use and then replacing every 3 months. P.S. This is pro-health in my book because flawless foundation application is totally a form of stress-reduction for me.


Amaki Herbal Bath Soak of Epsom & Dead Sea Salt Infused with Lavender Essential Oil ($17, orig. $23): These products are made in small batches in California. The minerals will help smooth and soothe your skin, and the lavender will soothe you. Baths are a great way to unwind that I used to swear by... until I became paranoid about soaking in germs!


Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil ($16.49, orig. $24.50): Whenever I run out of the oil blend I put in my coffee each morning, I'll put coconut oil in instead. You can use this superfood for so many purposes — check them out in my Brit + Co. article here. Hint: I used to use it like a totally natural SPF!


InstaNatural Daily Moisture Repair ($10.37, orig. $12.97): This is a cheap brand you can actually expect results from. Amazon users and beauty bloggers love it. I've featured it on Brit + Co. before and use their products on occasion! These ingredients include shea butter and hyaluronic acid which are fab for providing moisture. They also have a vitamin C serum, a Niacinamide serum (great for shrinking pores), a Skin Clarifying serum, and a retinol cream to look out for!


Himalayan Chef Pink Salt ($17.54, orig. $23.08): I actually do buy my salt in bulk. The reason I like using Himalayan or sea salt rather than iodized salt is that these forms contain health-promoting minerals that help to buffer your sodium intake. When salt is processed or iodized, it creates an imbalance — giving us an overload of sodium without the buffering and health-promoting effects of the natural mineral concentrations. I read about this in a book by a holistic practitioner, Dr. David Brownstein, called Salt Your Way to Health.


Glass Meal Prep Food Storage Container with Snap Locking Lid ($19.19, orig. $48): I avoid toxins in plastic like BPA because they can be endocrine-disruptors, which is really bad for someone like me with an autoimmune disorder! This is such a boring thing to do buy, but it's a good deal and great for storage leftovers.


Four Sigmatic Mushroom K-Cup Organic and Fair Trade Coffee Pods ($14.00, orig. $19.99): These are green, stomach friendly, and health-promoting. I avoid mushrooms in general because of a sensitivity to molds and candida, but if you aren't shroom-phobic, I recommend giving these guys a try! They are tested to ensure they don't contain mycotoxins, pesticides, etc., and are supposed to give you a great natural energy boost. 

Ok, truth be told, I also decided to stock up on some Calvin Klein skivvies! Mostly Slim Fit V-Neck Undershirts ($19.50, orig. $39.50) for Tom, but a cute Sheer Marquisette Unlined Demi Bra ($18.90, orig. $36) and some Boy Shorts (2 for $16.79, orig. $23.99) for pajamas and Thongs (5 for $20.99, orig. $30) for everyday... 'cause honestly why not?

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