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Self-Care: Whatever Gets You to the Deep Relaxation State

The emergence of crystals, sage bouquets, auric cleansing sprays, and all the "vibes" lately, are all part of an emerging spiritual trend — one that I have so much fun with. Spiritual goods are everywhere now; I think you can buy crystals and sage at places like Urban Outfitters.

Whether you are well-versed in the esoteric or are just beginning to dabble in spiritual practices, know that it's normal to be confronted with self-doubt, fear, and mistrust at first. For many, this is a brand new world-view that you're beginning to incorporate into your life! It takes time and a gentle broadening of your mind before multiple belief systems that seem to be mutually exclusive can actually coexist seamlessly.

I believe in celebrating the moments in which you reach deep, peaceful states because these are healing to the body, mind, and soul — from the inside out. If sniffing a little sage and chanting "Om" a few times can help you heal in a medically verifiable way (by accessing the healing power of relaxation), your rational mind would be doing you a disservice by causing you to miss out. For some, it really can! It all comes down to the mindset you approach it with, and the individual path you take to reach your inner place of calm. 

Three Reminders for Skeptics

1. Resistance is normal. A lot of people struggle with spirituality because their inner skeptic keeps fighting back. I used to go through this inner-resistance, too — a lot. It's almost as if the more aligned something feels with your intuition, the worse the backlash from your rational mind. Really, your "ego" feels threatened because it does not realize yet that there is room for more than one thing to be right. Becoming more intuitive does not mean forsaking your rationality, your intelligence, or your credibility.

2. Have fun with it. Even if you judge yourself, the feelings will pass anyway, so try to spend less time focusing on them. Preferably, get grounded and relaxed in the present moment instead. When my mind is being nit-picky, I try to cultivate what I call the "DGAF-baseline" — a detachment from outcome that they call equanimity in Buddhism. You don’t have to prove what's right or true; what matters is that these are incredible tools to help you reach more relaxed healing states.

3. Don't force it. Always remember that the relaxation response is your friend... but if you're forcing it, and not relaxing, it might mean you aren't ready. Everyone can access the healing power of relaxation in a number of different ways, and we're all entitled to our unique, individualized favorites. I've mentioned before that sage + incense make my eyes glaze over, but it's important to honor what resonates with you. Plus, thanks to neuroplasticity, the more you practice entering states of deep relaxation, the easier it becomes for your brain to slip into the therapeutic state in the future... with spiritual goodies, or without!

(1) The Ultimate Cleansing Kit ($100): Spritz your space to create good vibes, burn some sage in the shell bowl, and set some intentions with those crystals! You can buy each of the items individually on the site. Don't miss the adorable and tiny Air Mini Detox Mist ($10)

(2) Morning Ritual Kit ($42): Start your day off with good vibes by burning sage while you enjoy your morning brew. 

 (3) The New Witch Kit ($46): How cute are these names?! Hint: Burn the sage in the Abalone Shell ($22) and/or to cleanse your crystal

Smudge Bundles

(4) Single Sage Bundle ($10): Say yes to sage! It makes my eyelids droop, even when I'm stressed out

Nice Things Evil Eye Bracelet

 (5) All The Eyes Bracelet ($42): They have a really cute collection of jewelry, including a bracelet I'm eyeing (no pun intended) called the "F U Luv U Bracelet." #MOOD

Crystal Starter Kit

(6) Crystal 101 Kit ($30): Just your average crystal starter kit. You know, the metaphysical basics and a breakdown each of their benefits

Shorty (Silk Kimono)

 (7) The Warner Shorty ($150): I might have to splurge on a Kimono from this store. Some of them have the constellations on them

Mega Vibes

 (8) Mega Aura Angel Crystal ($42): Stress-relieving magic rocks that help guide you to cleansing and deeper, restful states. 100% on board with these aims.

(9) Super Fluffy 100% Silk Sleep Mask ($42): Silk has anti-aging benefits and sleep is the ultimate time for skin-healing.

(10) Sage + Lighter Set ($18): Or grab a  or Go Sage Yourself Lighter ($10) individually.

There are so many adorable things on the site; go browse here! 

Final Words

I'm lucky in that I went through my skeptic-to-acceptance early because I was exposed to this stuff from the age of 5 onward. My mom lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and my dad lives in Berkeley, California. Both of these places are known for valuing open-mindedness and being spiritually tuned-in. (Among other things, like hippies-turned-neuroscientists and protests galore.) I had years of practice broadening my rational understanding of the world in a way that makes room for my spiritual beliefs, and I refer to this process of enabling multiple belief systems coexist as "integration," just FYI.

But you don't have to take everything so seriously! These days, I am able to indulge in my many passions while making my spiritual pursuits (i.e. yoga, meditation, etc.!) a part of my everyday life. Regular relaxation and connection to myself is what makes my work as a writer possible and what makes me a better person. I adore these tools and I'm so glad that they are becoming available on a wider scale!

Stress-reduction and self-care are so, so important. These adorable, metaphysical goodies are one of the many ways I maintain my stress levels, keep healthy, and tend to my intuitive side's need for expression. No matter what draws you to these items, they're really fun to dabble in. No matter what your beliefs, these are tools for practices that can be ultra-relaxing, and therefore healing, which I am all about these days.

Do any of these items call to you? Tell me which on Instagram!

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Skincare? yes, please.

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