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Do you use an electric toothbrush? I do — and I love it because I am totally admittedly paranoid about my teeth. I've been using my Quip Special Edition Red ($40) for about a month and I love it. I actually received another electric toothbrush as a gift — the Foreo Issa ($149) — but prefer the Quip by a landslide. The reason I love the red edition is that each purchase provides 30 days of HIV-medication to a patient through their partnership with (RED).

Quip Special Edition Red ($40)

Quip operates on a delivery system, sending you a replacement battery, brush head, and toothpaste every three months. Now, you can buy them at Target! You can choose between a metal brush or a plastic brush depending on how much you want to spend.

Quip Metal Electric Toothbrush ($50) // Quip Plastic Electric Toothbrush ($35)

BTW — I've been using mine with remineralizing tooth care products! Have you heard of those?

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