Rituel de Fille Shade, Carnal, Pairs Perfectly with a Blurred-Edge Lip.


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Forbidden Lipstick

Cult beauty brand Rituel de Fille just launched three new deliciously vamp-y shades in their Forbidden Lipstick collection. 'Carnal' is like a smokey nude; 'Ravenous' is more like a deep, inky brown-meets-plum; and 'Conjurer' is sort of like a blend of the two.

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The Forbidden Lipstick Collection is the line's pigment-rich range of lipsticks. Each of the colors is bold, rich, and goes on opaque, in contrast to their Enchanted Lip Sheer collection, which is made up of brighter hues in a buildable, semi-sheer texture. Both collections are technically a semi-matte formula, but the forbidden lipsticks seem totally matte to me.

You can tell that the formula is hydrating because of how nice it feels on. It's much thicker than a balm, almost clay-like and harder to put on than a softer blend, but once you have it on it's dramatic and there. It also smudges to perfection. 

The line is also a luxury green beauty brand that is stocked at Credo, coming with the cruelty-free, non-toxic promise that is so important to the green beauty movement.



The lipsticks just came today and I tried on Rituel de Fille Carnal ($24) almost immediately. It is basically the type of neutral shade I would grab anyway, but with a dark, sultry makeover. You know how there's a "smokey eye" version of any eyeshadow look? That's the effect this lipstick has on your lips: It takes you to evening-territory instantly. 

There are also two things about this shade that I am obsessed with, but it obviously might be different for you based on your unique coloring.

1. It makes my eyes pop. I have dark hair, pale olive skin, and dark green eyes with flecks of orangey-hazel. Normally, unless I'm in the sunlight, my eyes just look dark. I always have big pupils, too. But the intensity of the lip pigment actually brings out their color vibrantly and in a different way than I've ever seen before.

2. It makes my teeth look bright white. My second lipstick test come down to the shade of white it makes my teeth look. There are shades that make my teeth look average, there are shades that make them look yellowish, and then there's the rare but special shade that actually manages to brighten them and make them look whiter. They're unique to us all, but when you find one, you hold onto it. 'Carnal' turned out to be one of those shades for me.

The "French Kissed" Lip

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The last thing to note about my new favorite lip color is about the packaging. Some lipsticks come in shapes that make it easy to apply with laser-like precision. Wander Beauty makes a lipstick that is this way for me. It has crisp edges that allow you to apply the shade with minimal need for revisions. It goes on perfectly on the first try because of its razor-sharp edges and creamy formulation.

Rituel de Fille's lipsticks have a totally different texture, pigment, and purpose. They are round with a flat but slanted surface, and they don't glide on like a slick cream lipstick. But once they're on, they'll stay on your lips a lot longer. 

My favorite way to wear these shades is actually in the smudged, perfectly-imperfect style of the "blurred edge" trend. The Global Director of Beauty for Estée Lauder, Violette, dubbed the style the "french kissed look" — and considering how much I love all things French, I'm all about it. But rather than spending a lot of time getting the blur right, just apply it carefully but imperfectly and don't primp.

It doesn't have to be even and it shouldn't be perfectly symmetrical. It's more than ok if it doesn't reach all the way to the outer corners of your mouth — I leave lipstick looking unfinished literally all the time. Just let it be and let go. (I am all about laissez-faire fashion and effortless beauty.)

The next time you get upset that you smudged your lipstick, remember that there's an art to looking like you've just been kissed (so don't fret).

Have you tried any products by Rituel de Fille? Tell me on Instagram!

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