Emotional Shopper? Schutz Shoes is Having a Sale and You Can Get an Extra 15% Off

Am I the only one whose style changes depending on my mood? I was talking with one of my favorite bloggers, Alexis, just the other day about how our moods determine our hair and glasses choices. Namely, when I am feeling reserved for some reason, I wear my hair big and curly and throw on my glasses. If it's sunny out, I'll opt for darker tints and larger lenses. (This can also mean I'm running super late or overslept majorly.)

I also believe that shopping is a valid form of self-care — hence the term "retail therapy." Since it's supposed to be therapeutic, try giving yourself permission to make impulse buys to match your every, fiery mood the next time you treat yourself. We are all multi-faceted people with so many sides; let shopping be one of the many ways you express your individuality. While a cohesive style does lend a certain power to your look, play with your fashion choices and have fun!

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My personal fashion philosophy always comes down to balance. If I'm feeling rebellious, I might choose an accessory to soften a look that is less than approachable. When I'm feeling stressed or anxious, I gravitate towards bodysuits and tight silhouettes that make my abdomen — the third chakra area that is associated with the ego — feel supported. Little quirks like these will help your wardrobe feel more your own.

Schutz is one of the on-trend footwear brands I love to shop. I turn to this line when I want something fun and young, but don't necessarily want to break out a pair of super-expensive and uncomfortable designer shoes. When it comes to a truly classic style, I'll definitely invest in a designer I love; but for seasonal trends, a non-exorbitantly-priced option is the way to go. After all, I got cake on my shoes at the last wedding I went to... and yes, they were by Schutz.

Of the various footwear trends I've seen, those below each appeal to different #moods of mine. The site is having a 60% off Summer Sale occurring right now — and you can get an extra 15% off using the code EXTRA15 — which is the perfect excuse to give "emotional shopping" a try.

Neutral Nude Sandal

Schutz Polena ($64, orig $160)

You can do worse than investing in a neutral sandal. My go-to nude sandal was made by Theory for years and it is admittedly time for me to buy a replacement pair. These were made for pairing with everything, but I’d love to see them with white, French blue, or denim.

Blush Rose Block Heel

Schutz Shoes Primm ($80, orig. $200):

These are pretty and femme — sometimes you need that delicate vibe to soften up a look — but they're balanced by an on-trend block heel that makes a presence. I would pair these with my black mini shift dress from Reformation — the Tali ($78) — but they will work with feminine hemlines and pants, too. Hint: Depending on your skin tone, this shade typically makes legs look longer.

Tasseled Black Slides

Schutz Shoes Kassi ($73, Original. $180)

A versatile summer slide. Tassels and rope/espadrille are all trend-approved RN. Perfect for trousers or when you need to feel a touch more put-together.

Pointed "Open-Toe" Sandal

Schutz Shoes Jasmine ($72, orig. $180) 

I cannot resist the pointed sole trend. I tried on a pair with a similar toe-shape at Iro Paris and fell in love. This design adds faux-bootie edge in a nice, neutral stone-gray shade.

PVC for Beginners

Schutz Shoes Lucce ($76, orig. $190) 

Only for when you are feeling extra trendy. This stiletto also comes in black, sans PVC, but I save my footwear classics to the designers I love. My favorite black stilettos to wear RN are by Halston Heritage.

Rocker-Chic Alligator

Schutz Shoes Enida ($68, orig $170) 

A block heel and simple ankle/toe straps are a winning combination. The unique texture adds rockstar vibes that remind me of the French clothing line Zadig et Voltaire. This design is one I would love to add to my collection, potentially in a smooth grain, but the gator skin is what gives it edge.

Minimalist Slide

Schutz Shoes Cassianne ($76, orig. $190)

If you are in a minimalist phase, these are for you. They also come in other styles, including metallic and denim, but I am a huge fan of the black-and-white trend. P.S. I included them in a B+C article.

Maximalist Stilletto

Schutz Shoes Linne ($76, orig. $190)

I would wear these busy bb's with an all-white outfit. A midi-length, white, pleated skirt, specifically. They are perfect for a tropical vacation and an understated outfit that can mute their energy.

Did you spot any sale styles I missed? Tell me on Instagram!

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