The Harmonist: This Luxury Fragrance Line is Everything.


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The Harmonist: Harmony is the source of beauty.

You guys. I love the goodies I receive and get to sample for my job so much. While I have a special place in my heart for skincare and believe it's the best long-term investment when it comes to "aging gracefully," I fell head over heels for this customized luxury fragrance from The Harmonist.

The philosophy behind their company is that harmony is the source of beauty. With roots in Asian philosophy rooted in the balance binding us all cosmically together, they have created a line of ten scrumptious fragrances that optimize your personal energy on a subtle level. Each luxurious fragrance is designed to complement your basic nature according to the five elements: Fire, Water, Wood, Earth, and Metal. 

Each scent is uniquely tailored to enhance your "invisible presence" by bringing balance to particular areas of your life; namely, those of: Status, Wisdom, Socializing, Creativity, Prosperity, and Seduction.

Since they believe that, "Beauty is revealed when you decide to be yourself," their incredible line is designed to help you manifest your best self. To do so, they calculate your astrological birth chart and essentially provide you with a multi-part reading in the process of finding your perfect complementary pairing.

I should also mention that their packaging is chic, minimalist perfection. It revolves around the principles of yin + yang, representative of the dualistic interplay between masculine and feminine in the universe, accounting for the black and white color palette.

That alone was already enough to steal my spiritually-inclined, Berkeley-raised heart, but the process of being matched with your elixir is also really fun. Hint: My friend Cecily tried it out, and said her element was spot-on.

The Process.

I was so enamored of this company that I screen shotted the entire process. It begins by calculating your element, which tells you traits and attributes about your personality. In case you haven't had your birth chart calculated before (which is so much fun and I highly recommend it!), this is the information you'll need:

- Full Name

- Place of Birth

- Time of Birth

- Date of Birth

- Gender

- Daylight Savings Time (Optional)

Then, you just follow the prompts! Along the way, you'll be graced with an esoteric understanding of yourself and then matched with the perfectly suited fragrances for you.

(1) Find Your Element.

I got Yin Water. It resonates with me so much! I'd elaborate, but I think it would honestly be better for you to experience yourself. When you read yours, see if it touches on those character attributes and values that you hold particularly close or dear.

(2) choose your goal.

Depending on which domain of your life you'd like to bring equilibrium to — and enhance your personal power within — you can choose from each of these categories.  There's no rule that says you can't grab all the fragrances, but they're pricey! So it might pay off to choose an area within which you'd like to set an intention for growth.

Based on your element, they recommend the exact fragrance to bring harmony to your energy in each domain.

(3) Socializing.

the harmonist

 (4) Creativity.

the harmonist

 (5) Prosperity.

 (6) Status + Seduction.

 (7) Wisdom.

(8) Choosing your signature scent.

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These are all good things. I wouldn't say no to any of them! But I actually believe in choosing one 'signature scent' and letting it be your one-and-only. Years ago, my lifelong best friend read an article about choosing one signature scent to represent you that will always be associated with you as your smell.

The Harmonist Guiding Water ($225) — which was sent over to me from their super-sweet rep — is my new favorite. But yes, I would totally broaden my "signature scent" philosophy to wear each of their five hand-picked fragrances!

Just know that for me, making the switch is kind of a big deal. Back in high school and college, I used to choose from a number of perfumes depending on my mood. When I narrowed it down to just one, I wore Elizabeth & James Nirvana White ($85) religiously. A year ago, I fell in love with Aerin Ikat Jasmine ($120) and converted to that... Unfortunately, Aerin isn't cruelty-free, so they got the axe. 

The Harmonist popped up just in time to save the day and become my new favorite! Plus, I adore their packaging, their founding philosophy, and the fact that their two boutiques are located on Melrose Place in Los Angeles, California, and at the George V Hotel in Paris, France — a luxury hotel known for being as snobby as they come, but also for exuding la classe

What's your favorite fragrance? Tell me in the comments below!

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Skincare? yes, please.

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