The Power Couple: Luna Night Oil and Good Genes Will Transform Your Skin Overnight.

"The Mr. and Mrs. Smith of Skincare"

Sunday Riley: Clean Skincare with Cosmetics-Like Results

I am in no way affiliated with Sunday Riley — other than being her no.1 fangirl in the world. Of the many luxury skincare lines I've been lucky enough to try, her products — without fail — manage to pull-off truly jaw-dropping results. The best part is, they work rapidly, with results evident in the ballpark of two applications; perfect for impatient girls-on-the-go like moi.

Officially, skincare results show anywhere from weeks to months later. But this isn't the first time I've been wowed by the biochemist's clean, extra-potent line of products that she herself formulates. My first "Holy Grail" skincare experience came courtesy of Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid Flash Illuminating Serum ($85), which brightens complexions with a lit-from-within glow like pure magic.

I've told this story so many times, but I literally applied it before bed one night, and woke up with skin so luminous, my boyfriend asked me if I was wearing makeup the next morning. It was life-altering. (You can read more about the miraculous anti-aging vitamin C serum with its protective anti-aging superpowers here!)

Long story short: My skin is a huge fan of everything that Sunday Riley puts on the market. After just two PM applications of applying the power couple duo, I couldn't not say something.

The Power Couple.

Once you decide to try out the efficacy of the two beauty editor-beloved products together, you can purchase the interlocking bad boys for a deal at Sephora in the Sunday Riley Power Couple Duo: Total Transformation Kit ($85). Trust me — they're the Mr. and Mrs. Smith of the Beauty World. Except, they're working together to make aging skin a distant memory. (I have always been a fan of Brangelina and harbor hopes that they might reunite one day.)

Luna Sleeping Night Oil

The cerulean elixir is hailed as one of the top retinoid products on the market among beauty elites. Yes, it has a cult-following. It's actually so raved-about that I have now featured it in three Brit + Co. articles, including one on Top-Rated Skincare Products, an upcoming post on retinols, and it even made the cover of my Anti-Aging Ingredients article. If you need to, you can refresh your memory on the importance of retinol as an anti-aging and skin-boosting ingredient. However, the spark notes version is that it minimizes fine lines, reduces pore size, promotes cell turnover and collagen production, and resurfaces your skin to glowing gorgeousness.

To experience the other-worldly effects of the power couple, whip them out at night to apply as part of your PM regimen. After cleansing, toning, and applying an essence if you use one, apply the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil ($105) as the first step of the beautifying combo.

Note: The blue color comes naturally vis-a-vis the blue tansy oil it contains. The beauty oil is a soothing, anti-inflammatory agent akin to a super-food for your skin — one that leaves your face feeling like a silk/velvet hybrid. Thanks to its calming effect, tansy oil can help reduce redness and unevenness in your skin-tone, while preventing skin irritation from Luna's trans retinoid ingredient. To try out tansy oil sans retinol, check out indie green beauty brand Herbivore Botanical's beloved Lapis Balancing Facial Oil ($72), or Sunday Riley Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm ($50).

Good Genes.

The second part of the skin-transforming duo is Sunday Riley Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment ($105). Tom says that it smells like "kitty litter," but the fact that it doesn't contain fragrances is one of my favorite parts about it! Fragrances are among the most common skin irritants for sensitive skin, and synthetic fragrances often contain hormone-disrupting chemicals like the ones I referenced in my article on the need for greener, cleaner beauty. That's how clean the paraben-free, sulphate-free, and phthalate-free products by Sunday Riley are.

Good Genes contains lactic acid, an alphahydroxy acid and one of the best skin exfoliators around. Applied on top of the oil, it ensures the most efficient absorption of Luna's precious ingredients into the skin. It does so by dissolving away the dulling, dead skin cells on the surface of your face; leaving behind your freshest skin cells, primed to absorb all the benefits. FYI: Experts agree that the resurfacing action provided by AHA/BHA acids is essential to an anti-aging skincare, sloughing away surface-level hyper-pigmentation and scarring over time.

While the lactic acid exfoliates, prevents breakouts, evens tone, and gently resurfaces, hyaluronic acid literally sucks water molecules from the air, straight into your skin. Hyaluronic acid is crazy buzzy RN for being a game-changing hydrator that plumps your skin to perfection — hiding fine lines and wrinkles! Good Genes' stand-out results are visible in just three minutes, all thanks to the visible moisture it helps you retain!

I can vouch for its fast-acting effects. After applying this product at night and returning to the living room, Tom — blissfully unaware of the intricacies of my skin care regimen — commented on how good my skin looked (AKA the ultimate stamp of approval). After buffing away those dead skin cells on the surface, your complexion will be brighter right off the bat with the dewey luminescence that is so craved within the beauty world these days.

What the Research Says...

Rather than simply taking my word for it, have a look at what the results of Sunday Riley's clinical trials found. I obtained this information from the Sephora website.

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Better Together...

Before you look at the price and cringe, or shell out the big bucks for just one of these treatments, I highly, highly suggest checking out the discounted set. Sunday Riley Power Couple Duo: Skin Transformation Set ($85) comes with two smaller sizes of the products for less than the price of one sold individually. The thing is, they're admittedly phenomenal on their own. But tried together, they're Holy Grail-status.

Sunday Riley Power Couple

To give you an example of how simpatico these two skincare soulmates are, know that I tried using Good Genes on top of another cult-favorite retinol, The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid Emulsion 2% ($9.80). While I absolutely adore this product and think it's a wonderful retinol — as does KKW — the fact is, the retinoic effects + nourishing tansy oil + exfoliating + plumping + hydrating combo of the Sunday Riley Power Couple do actually make a visible difference that I did not see when using Good Genes with The Ordinary.

After experimenting for a week or two, I switched over to Luna Oil to compare results. After just two applications of the duo, I woke up with the type of glow I haven't seen since C.E.O. Not just that, but my face feels so amazing that I can't stop touching it! I have no words for it — but just trust me, you won't be disappointed.

P.S. I am using my own photography for this post. Please cite and request permission before use!

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