For Earth Day, Check Out The Largest Clean Beauty Launch in Foundation.

Vapour's Clean LIQUID Foundation Launch.

Foundation is an essential for so many of us. Whether you opt for a BB cream, a powder blend, or just grab your favorite concealer for spot treatments, there are some times when only a liquid foundation's coverage will do. Today, I am using Vapour Beauty's newest launch — Vapour Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation ($50) — because PMS hell has left my skin with plenty to cover.


 There are so many reasons to be excited about this green beauty launch, the no.1 reason being the fact that it's non-toxic and 70% organic. However, the latest trend in the beauty movement has been to embrace "skin-clusivity" — namely, expanding shade collections to include hard-to-match skin-tones, including options for darker-skinned ladies. From now on, choosing foundation will be a different process — no more choosing shades that leave a drastic difference in tone between the face and neck.


"SKIN-clusivity" in Beauty.

The cause of skin-clusivity in beauty has been championed by Rihanna, who made it an explicit objective in her foundation launch with Fenty Beauty — which I covered for Locale Magazine. For the first time ever, the beauty industry began shedding light on the unintentional bias at work within the beauty industry. Yes, as a former social worker, I am especially attuned to these issues; however, the bias goes both ways. There are so many different shades of pale, and so many different shades of 'nude,' that broadened shade ranges are basically “le shit."

My shade, no. 117, is like an ultra-pale white with olive undertones. However, it's normal for us to require different shades throughout the year. I used to grab slightly darker shades of powder for the summertime, when my face got a suntan. These days, I'm more like a vampire — layering on SPF and avoiding the sun like it's my job. The folks at Fenty shared that RiRi herself chooses from 3 different shades throughout the year.

Vapour's Stick Concealer and Foundation.

TBH, I don't usually go for foundation on a daily basis. When I do use a foundation, it's almost exclusively a pressed powder. My philosophy these days is that skincare is the best beauty investment, and my extensive cleansing regimen has lead me to wear makeup more and more infrequently. That being said, I do grab concealers for quick-fix coverage — and I am loving Vapour's plethora of options.

 In addition to their badass new liquid, they already offered Vapour Atmosphere Luminous Stick Foundation ($44) and Vapour Illusionist Concealer ($24). By expanding their shade and coverage options, we all just scored a healthier and more environmentally-friendly way to keep our complexions perfectly covered. 

 In addition to being a staple at green beauty retailers like Credo Beauty, The Detox Market, and Follain, they're also becoming a staple in my own beauty cabinet. I've been a sucker for organic food for years, so now that clean cosmetics are a thing, I was guaranteed to fall hard. Vapour Organic Beauty's blends are largely mineral-based, containing botanical antioxidants, and made up of at least 70% organic ingredients. Love, love, love!

What are your favorite green beauty brands? Tell me below, I'm always researching!

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Skincare? yes, please.

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