VIANEL: The Luxe Cell Phone Case I've Been Waiting For

Pictured: Moschino Astro Bear iPhone 8 Plus Case ($70); Pop & Suki Customizable iPhone Case ($35); Chill Pills iPhone Case 6 ($12); Clare V. X Casetify Leather iPhone Case ($65); Dolce & Gabbana Floral iPhone 7 & 8 Plus Case ($195); Miu Miu Printed Textured Leather iPhone 8 Plus Case ($90)

iPhone 8 Plus

I dropped my phone and shattered the screen right around the same time that I was due for an upgrade anyway. So, I ended up getting the red iPhone 8 Plus. Why red? Because I am such a sucker for anything "humanitarian." When the power of my purchase can actually do some good, it's really hard for me to justify not doing it. (This is totally because of my mom's influence!)

Anyway, that's why I ended up with red. Tom is a fan of it and had to stop himself from calling it "manly." I honestly don't mind; whatever! I got a red iPod in the past for the same reason, and I can live with it.

Anyway, the problem of its case was less evident. People are obviously all about getting those transparent Sonix cases that let you see the gold or rose gold color underneath... bright red doesn't have the same effect. It didn't help that all the cases I wanted kept selling out! (Pop & Suki, I'm talking to you!)

I considered a few (above) before finally settling on a customized case by Vianel.

 VIANEL New York

Vianel New York offers a luxury line of accessories with a minimalist design, a wide range of colors, chic textures, and a straightforward design that is both professional and classy. You can get a case in everything from calfskin, to ostrich-skin — although lizard skin seems to be a popular seller.

I went for alligator skin in black with gold accents for one reason alone: I feel less guilty about buying alligator. Thanks to one of the opening scenes in the movie Garden State in which a sweet little deer is eaten, I have had a less than stellar opinion of alligators since. (Not to mention, a toddler was eaten by an alligator at Disney World a couple years ago which really freaked me out.)

The brand also did a line of phone cases in collaboration with fashionista Olivia Palermo, making them all the more appealing to me. Hint: Her designs are still available for purchase on the site!

You can buy a Vianel case at retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue, but I wanted to customize my own design. Custom cases first came onto my radar thanks to Pop & Suki, and adding your initials will help you make sure that no one else has it.

...Except, in my case, it turns out that everyone has a Vianel phone case. From Kylie Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, and Emma Roberts, to my once-favorite baseball crush, A-Rod! (I'm totally fine with it.)

Lizard skin seems to be one of their most-popular sellers. I got black, but the colors that stood out to me were yellow, Kelly green, olive green, camouflage, stripes, and paint-splattery. Even hot pink and orange looked amazing — it really depends on the texture you choose.

I opted for gold customizations. You can choose from various emojis and text options, creating a vertical line of up to three images. I just got one: Above the logo — VIANEL (in gold) — it has an eye of providence. This symbolic pyramid and eye can be found in in religious and freemason literature, even on the dollar bill. It symbolizes divine omniscience, but I honestly just liked how it looked. Hopefully its vibes will infuse some divine savoir-faire into my life.

The only thing I wish I had done differently? Maybe adding on my initials. I can't wait for it to arrive!

Vianel New York iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus Case ($180)

What does your dream phone case look like? Tell me on Instagram!

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