What Fenty Beauty's Skin-Clusive Foundation Launch Means to the Beauty World

My first print piece just came out in Locale Magazine's January 2018 issue and I am super psyched about it. The best part about writing this piece was reflecting on the social changes this groundbreaking launch represents, and all the progress that this means in the world of beauty. To see my full reflections — going beyond the little blurb below — scroll down!

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Is the Era of the Lip Kit officially over?

The beauty world is reeling from Fenty Beauty by Rihanna's Fall 2017 launch, which earned a staggering $72 million in its first month. Following the direct-to-consumer marketing model behind Kylie Cosmetics' viral lip-kits, Fenty's social media presence has now reportedly overtaken that of the original Insta-empire.

In addition to the cosmetics line's mass appeal, Rihanna's foray into the beauty industry also marks an important social milestone. As public demands for ethnic inclusivity in beauty grow stronger, the company's resounding success could signal a trend towards more socially-attuned beauty businesses.

Fenty makes it a point to cater to all consumers — and has the tagline to prove it: Beauty for all. As explained by Rihanna, "I work with a lot of beautiful women of all shades from all over the world. A lot of times, women have a hard time finding their shade in a brand, and I wanted everybody to feel included. I wanted a wide range of shades."

To meet that goal, Fenty developed universal shades for all skin-tones — like the Gloss Bomb Universe Lip Luminizer ($18) — and includes equal numbers of alternative pigments to suit both lighter- and darker-complexions — like the Match Stix Shimmer Skin Sticks ($25).

Still, the line's most notable skin-clusive venture is definitely their foundation.

Enter: Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation. The top-rated, liquid foundation is available in forty different hues of buildable coverage. Ranging from 100 ("Neutral") to 490 ("Cool"), they dry with a natural-looking, matte finish that even works on oily skin types.

What makes the foundation so revolutionary was their dedication to following-through on Fenty's promise, resulting in a meticulously developed spectrum of colors that look natural on everyone. Lucy Binnetti, a Prestige Beauty Advisor for Ulta, explains: "A standard [foundation launch] typically has anywhere from ten to thirty shades." That's why, she explained, Fenty's forty-shade initial launch — because they could add more later — is unprecedented.

Beauty consumers have never had so many tints to choose from. Thankfully, Fenty's website offers tips for choosing your perfect match. First, they recommend letting the pigment-rich liquid dry, allowing the color to set before you make your selection. If you're choosing between two hues, they suggest opting for the lighter option. (No pressure, though: Even Rihanna herself wears one of three different shades depending on the time of year.)

The truth is, we fell hard for the buzzy new beauty launch. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna has officially upped-the-ante, forever raising our expectations for more, better, tone-matching cosmetics to choose from. Because, let's face it: not all nudes are the same.

Have you tried Fenty X Rihanna? Let me know.

Skincare? yes, please.

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